Road To Perdition DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

Road To Perdition DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Found 15th Mar 2009Made hot 16th Mar 2009
Directed by Sam Mendes and based on the graphic novel by Max Allan Collins and Richard Piers Rayner, the Depression-era crime epic ROAD TO PERDITION stars Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan, a quiet hit man who is duty bound to Mafia boss John Rooney (Paul Newman). The mobster's close bond with Sullivan, however, leads Rooney's jealous blood son, Connor (Daniel Craig), to orchestrate a tragic series of events that results in Sullivan on the run with his 12-year-old son, Michael Jr. (Tyler Hoechlin). Soon an unscrupulous crime photographer/assassin named Maguire (Jude Law) is sent after Sullivan and his son, and Sullivan must decide on a course of action as young Michael comes to terms with his father's violent way of life.
Meticulously directed by Mendes and brilliantly photographed by Conrad Hall, each scene of ROAD TO PERDITION has the composition of an expertly rendered painting. Making effective use of rain, snow, and shadows, the filmmakers create a cinematic world that's as dark, cold, and unforgiving as many of its inhabitants. But the film also allows for glimpses of emotional warmth, particularly in Sullivan's relationships with his son and Rooney, his surrogate father. In these roles, the respective actors create complex characters that resonate even in their restraint; Hanks is outstanding as a man of action with little time for words, while newcomer Hoechlin creates an unsentimental portrait of a confused boy, and Newman once again proves why he's a screen legend. And, in a strikingly unflattering role, Law makes the most out of his screen time as a creepy, parasitic hit man. Even in its harshest moments, however, Mendes never fails to remind the audience that ROAD TO PERDITION is a film about fathers and sons; and this is what elevates it from an atmospheric gangster movie to a truly astonishing work of art.
Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Sam Mendes
11 Deleted Scenes (7 Minutes) With Optional Audio Commentary By Director Sam Mendes. Footage Can Be Viewed Separately Or Can Be Incorporated Back Into The Film
HBO Special: The Making Of Road To Perdition
Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots
Photo Gallery (50 Stills)
Cast Biographies
Filmmakers Biographies
Production Notes
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages- English
Subtitles- English For The Hearing Imapired, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian
Region 2/PAL/Colour
Running Time 112 Minutes


Very good film.


I bought this for £3 from ASDA last week. Good film.

This line on the cover made me try it... "The greatest gangster film since The Godfather" - News of the World

One of the best film I've ever seen. (And I've seen some good films!)

Great film with a great ending!

I'm beginning to think that you, Sir Andy of Wedge, have access to my DVD, CD and Games collections either that or I'm actually posting as Andy Wedge whilst I'm sleeping!
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