Road To Perdition HANKS, NEWMAN: DVD £2.99 DELIVERED!

Road To Perdition HANKS, NEWMAN: DVD £2.99 DELIVERED!

Found 6th Apr 2007

Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) is a quiet unassuming family man who just happens to me a hitman/enforcer for the Mob. When his own employers turn against him his wife and youngest son are murdered, now on the run with his other son, Sullivan must try to stay alive and revenge the death of his family. Extra features include an audio commentary by director Sam Mendes and a selection of deleted scenes.

HMV DVD Editor

In an effort to escape the "good guy" tag, which has followed his career, Tom Hanks took the lead in this dark gangster movie, a ruthless killer no less.

Here, Hanks plays Michael Sullivan,a devoted family man who also happens to work for John Rooney(Newman), a major Irish gangster. When one of Sullivan's sons curiosity of what his fathers' job is leads him to witness his father at a mob hit, Michael realises the danger to his family. Sure enough, when his wife and other son are gunned down, he has to take his elder son on the road, to protect him, and find retribution against his family's murderers.

American Beauty director Sam Mendes once again makes a film that is beautiful to look at: Chicago in the 1930's is brought to life with a staggering realism. The heart of the film is the relationship between father & son, as the boy looks at his father in a new light, and the bond which wasn't there to begin with is tightened through the tragedy that unfolds. Hanks makes an assured bad guy while Tyler Hoechlin makes an impressive debut as his son. Paul Newman reminds us just what a superb actor he is in a relatively small role, while our own Daniel Craig brings real menace to the role of Newman's son.

Road To Perdition is an all round class act of a movie. Steve Waites, HMV Middlesbrough

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special features
Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Sam Mendes
11 Deleted Scenes (7 Minutes) With Optional Audio Commentary By Director Sam Mendes. Footage Can Be Viewed Separately Or Can Be Incorporated Back Into The Film
HBO Special: The Making Of Road To Perdition
Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots
Photo Gallery (50 Stills)
Cast Biographies
Filmmakers Biographies
Production Notes
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages- English
Subtitles- English For The Hearing Imapired, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian
Region 2/PAL/Colour
Running Time 112 Minutes


Enjoyed this film, as I do most Tom Hanks movies Thanks.

This is a great film, and a fantastic price, highly recommended.:thumbsup:
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