Robbie Williams - Intensive Care [CD + DVD] £2.87 + Free P&P

Robbie Williams - Intensive Care [CD + DVD] £2.87 + Free P&P

Found 16th Nov 2008
RRP: £20.49. You Save: £17.62

Track Listing

Disc: 1
1. Ghosts
2. Tripping
3. Make Me Pure
4. Spread Your Wings
5. Advertising Space
6. Please Dont Die
7. Your Gay Friend
8. Sin Sin Sin
9. Random Acts Of Kindness
10. The Trouble With Me
11. A Place To Crash
12. King Of Bloke And Bird

Disc: 2
1. Documentary In Intensive Care
2. Make Me Pure - Video

Limited Edition


Original Poster

im not a personal fan but i thought the price was pretty good for cd and dvd

seems a pretty good price to me - wonder why it is cold?

Hey I just clicked on hot and it went into cold????

Heat from me

Original Poster

not everyones a fan i guess lol

Its years old so anyone who would want it would probably have it and anyone else wouldnt expect to pay more than this for a cd thats around 5 yrs old , with or without dvd, from a washed up artist, hence why people are probably voting cold

Hes annoying and cant write songs - i love the Soap Stories sketch where Guy Chambers writes Angels and Robbie comes in and says "I know ILL CALL IT ANGELS!" Guy Chambers is a great writer, Robbie has obviously lost his way since they parted.

But its a GREAT price if you are a fan, so why vote cold - have some heat


Sometimes objectivity in the face of a good deal goes out the window. It's Robbie Williams, so rightly so.

hot from me as he,s a local lad and its a good price..

Original Poster

well sum ppl seem to like it. any way of unexpiring it?
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