Robinsons Fruit Creations 2 for £3 plus free glass @ Tescos

Robinsons Fruit Creations 2 for £3 plus free glass @ Tescos

Found 25th Jan
Buy 2 x 1 litre bottles of the new Robinsons Fruit Creations range (includes with barley as well) and you get a free glass only at Tescos.

Flavors Include:

Zesty Orange and Mango
Orange, Mandarin and Lime
Pineapple, Mango & Passion Fruit
Peach and Raspberry
Pear and Blueberry

Cranberry and Raspberry with Barley
Pear, Blackcurrant and Cherry with Barley
Strawberry & Kiwi with Barley
Apple and Elderflower with Barley
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Seen these at 75p at Iceland today
I got the 2 mango flavours today (orange and mango probably the better of the 2, but neither were that great to be honest), but bizarrely my local Tesco had no mention of the free glass offer in the drinks aisle where I got the squash from! In 2 other distant aisles, they had point of display material with the free glasses and only 2 flavours of squash (and, yes, one of them was one I wouldn't ever buy).

As for the glass itself, it's got a frosted Robinsons logo on one side, but it is very small indeed - probably about half the glass size I'd normally drink squash from. I doubt I'll get much use out of it, but hey, it was free.
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