Robocop - The Complete TV Series (6 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £5.60 + 5% Quidco - 4CheapCDs

Robocop - The Complete TV Series (6 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £5.60 + 5% Quidco - 4CheapCDs

Found 10th Feb 2008
Robocop takes place in the 21st century and follows the exploits of Alex Murphy: A dedicated cop who was brutally murdered and transformed into a law enforcement adaptive cyborg. He now patrols the mean streets of old Detroit and Delta City as Robocop. Programmed to stop any and all crime, the spirit of Murphy. However, remains alive deep inside the machine. Haunted by memories of his past life,Murphy struggles to maintain his humanity while battling diabolical criminals in a nightmare future run by corporate greed.

+5% Quidco


not seen the series, but looks like a good one.

Thanks, Just ordered this. Looks a great bargain when you compare it to the other box sets for the Robocop series

£5.73 at Asda and The Hut.

good price
**** series though

I liked it well enough back in the Nineties. Reminds me of my first apartment...

i love anything robocop

Got an email today saying they were out of stock, despite being "in stock" when order was placed. They probably wont honour this :-(

Retailer took money from my account twice for one item, i never received the item. and now my card details have been stolen and used!

Look at the comments!!!

I have warned Hot Uk Deals and they have ignored my complaint and are still letting this "retailer" post their fake wares.

Avoid at all costs
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