Robocop Trilogy DVD Boxset - £7 Instore at ASDA

Robocop Trilogy DVD Boxset - £7 Instore at ASDA

Found 11th Aug 2008
Trilogy Boxset available instore for £7. (Gloucester store)
Good price for a decent boxset (lets face it, robocop 3 is not in any way a classic) but the first two are brilliant films.

Next best price appears to be Zavvi for £7.99


First one was good....Third one NOT....second not sure??

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Third was pretty bad, second is good in my opinion, loads of gorey action, first is a classic.

Same as above... But 3rd is worth watching once if only for a chuckle!

£7 is a good price considering.

I think this is hot...I think anyway. Even though the 2nd and 3rd are terrible, the special effects in the 2nd look so bad:shock:

I'd Buy That for a Dollar.

But not the Saturday Morning CBBC Robocop 3.

£6.97 on amazon,I know you have to spend £15 toget free p+p…-21

It's a good pirce mine originally cost over £20.00 when I bought one years ago. It's worth owning for the Director's Cut but the 2nd movie is alright at best in my opinion and the 3rd movie is just rubbish.

IMO 2nd was better in many ways, it wasnt the "classic" of the first but loved the story and fights between the 2 robos

And the 3rd was more a tv movie but loved the fight scene at end with the rocket launcher

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i liked the first two equally, the third was a let down tho,
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