roboraptor reduced from £64.99 to £49.99 @ smyths toys

roboraptor reduced from £64.99 to £49.99 @ smyths toys

Found 13th Dec 2014
available online and in-store..

Introducing Roboraptor the most realistic dinosaur ever made. It seems the age of the dinosaur has truly returned! The 81cm long dinosaur Roboraptor has realistic biomorphic motions including dinosaur walking and running actions. Roboraptor has realistic neck and dinosaur whipping tail movements. His advanced intelligent personality has 3 different moods, ranging from hunter to playful. Roboraptor loves to explore, set him loose and watch him roam around, looking for fun places to stick his nose. Roboraptor senses and reacts to movement and noises, and communicates with happy purring to snarling anger. His infrared vision detects objects to avoid and he loves to play tug-of- war.

Features5 distinct moods, hunting, docile, angry, cautious and playful.Multi-sensory touch sensors in his tail, chin and mouth, sonic sensors.Fluid bi-pedal motion: walking, running and predatory gaits.Infra-red vision system detects objects in his path, or apprAuto shut-off functionSuitable for ages 8+Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 8.2W x 81H cmContents: Roboraptor and Controller.Batteries Required: 6 x AAA Batteries.

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Tis up to the buyer but this genuinely is such a pile of poo. A relative gave us theirs after their kids stopped playing with it after, ooo, about 8 minutes. It walks forward. It raises its head. It walks forward some more. A few inches. And that's it. I just don't 'get' all these robot toys at all. They don't do anything! And even kids aren't fooled, once they realise it's not going to rampage around the garden or anything.

lol had loads of these a few years ago and rrp then was 90.00 paid 7.00 each, gave some as pressies and sold some

can't believe they are back again. saw them in this chain the other day. same packaging same item

It does a bit more than walk forward....ut also roars and senses and avoids objects

agree not worth 80 or 50 but worth 7

I bought this for about £20 quid off eBay. That was event too much for this. It takes about that in batteries.

It's sold as doing loads, but isn't as smart as it makes out (same model has been around in shelves for about 4 years!) and only plus point is it's remote control so you can walk it yourself when it fails to perform, as it will. It's a gimmick, sizeable but worth half the deal price.
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