Roboreptile - just £49.21 delivered !!

Roboreptile - just £49.21 delivered !!

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Found 15th Nov 2006Made hot 15th Nov 2006
Get the Roboreptile for a bargain £49.21 delivered from Marks & Spencers!

A bit complicated so bear with me ... M&S have the Roboreptile for £69.99 & on 3 for 2 Offer. However you dont just get the cheapest item free on M & S online orders, you get a third Off! Simply add 2 other items for eg; Star bath fizzers - £2.50 each (Product code: 07189067) or something equally cheap - this will take a third off your order - £49.21 ! This can be used on other items too. Use discount code: PCAHHZT for free delivery on orders over £30.

Description: Small in size, but big in fun remote sensors give you the power to control the Roboreptile Toy, enabling him to walk or run

Features: Walking and running action | Infrared vision | Multiple sensors | Remote control included | Suitable for ages 8+


Also another 5% cashback at Quidco too....

I like the
Dr Who Dalek Keyring @ £2.50,with this offer making them £1.66 :thumbsup:

Thanks op...:thumbsup:

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Thanks hotscot The dr who dalek keyring is a great choice too :thumbsup:

Just ordered roboreptile and two keyrings, for £52.71

Not sure if I will get the Free delivery though as it is for clothing and homeware. Still a great price though!

[SIZE=2]Just received Email confirmation of my order, and they`ve taken the £3.50 P&P off as well! :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Just grabbed one of these for a friend who's been looking out for it. Thanks Cat!!

Good spot Cat thanks !!

Get it for £47.98 less with Quidco & using free delivery code.

[SIZE=2]Buy the
Beauty Cutie Trio Eye Shadow Palette - Neutral Tones @ £1.50,but they go through at £1.00 each,so 2 of them and Robo for £47.98,using the free delivery code. :-D

Quidco 5% gives you about £2.30 cashback.....making the make up sets free...


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Fantastic :-D Glad to see some of you have been able to use this offer, thanks for all the responses - Good to know that the free postage code works too blueladd :thumbsup:

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Just bumping this up as reminder if anyone wants one

From M & S website

"We're sorry - the product you have selected is currently unavailable"

Mines due to be delivered by 28 Nov 2006.
Many thanks Millarcat :thumbsup:

Another huge saving on this Robot,better than paying £300.00 :thumbsup:

Your Shopping Basket:

DeleteProductAvailabilityQuantityItem priceTotal price

][COLOR=blue]Robosapien RS Media[/COLOR]
Product code: 02214382
3 for the price of 2 on selected Christmas Gifts (UCAGTZZX)
Available £198.84
(was £299.00) £198.84 (saved £100.16)

][COLOR=blue]Beauty Cutie Trio Lip Palette - Pink Tones[/COLOR]
Product code: 06230999
3 for the price of 2 on selected Christmas Gifts (UCAGTZZX)
Available £1.00 (was £1.50) £2.00 (saved £1.00)

ChargesOrder Subtotal:£200.84
][COLOR=#0000ff]Delivery Charges[/COLOR]:£3.50

[SIZE=3]Total Cost:£204.34 - £3.50 FREE DELIVERY CODE USED = £200.84 another £10.00 cashback @ Quidco = £190.84.[/SIZE]
Robosapien RS Media

£299.00 3 for the price of 2 on selected Christmas Gifts (UCAGTZZX)

Product code: T799851
[*]This media robosapien allows you to play your own music[/LIST]

The crux of this is the way that the M&S 3 for 2 works! Needs a thread of its own!

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Fantastic deal hotscot :thumbsup: Saving £100! It is a quite expensive item to start with but thats a great saving, you should post this deal seperately!

Spent hours trying to order this last night and eventually succeeded, unfortunately my confirmation Email from M&S stated that sorry they were now out of stock but they would still be sending me the 2 keyrings (Great).
I am well narked off.
I thought the whole point of computerised ordering is that when you place your order they automatically know if the item is in stock!!!! before your order processes.
Antway, not to worry, on to the next bargain.
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