Robosapien Rs Media £49.99 (+ £4.85 postage on total goods)

Robosapien Rs Media £49.99 (+ £4.85 postage on total goods)

Found 27th Jul 2007
You have the ability to define your own RS Media personality by assigning and editing data files. Now able to play video's amd music, display photo's, and store user data. There's a full colour LCD display in his chest, speakers and subwoofer embedded in his armour, a USB connector and secure digit memory slot, and an MP3 player! RS Media can display and store data easily downloaded from your PC using the software provided. Define your own logic flow, create your own actions, and assign your own voice files for a totally unique RS Media. Even choreograph a dance routine to a favourite dance track.


Think someone else is stealing your thunder!

This has to be a hot deal. Weren't these about £300 a year a go?


This has to be a hot deal. Weren't these about £300 a year a go?

That's what I was just thinking... I'm sure they were at least £300, if not more! Voted Hot :thumbsup:

Do these have a remote control?

This is a great deal. These were near enough £300 in Debenhams last Christmas.
Voted hot and rep given - a great early-bought Christmas present methinks!

I've ordered 1, my 7 year old son has the original robosapien and would love this, although can't imagine him getting much of a look in past the other half, who's going to want to re-program it.

Amazon sale price is £225 :w00t:

Requires 6xD & 4xAA batteries for RS Media & 3xAA for hand controller (Batteries not included)

Just to answer my own question about the remote control

Great find!

Add a Tesco Value sim for £3.47 and you can select a premium delivery slot for free!

Thanks OP

Great deal thanks - bought one - now need to buy a battery warehouse

thanks op this is just what i have been looking for .hot deal rep left .

Any extra vouchers available?

Great find. Many thanks.

Sold out now.


Sold out now.

Must have been a good deal :thumbsup: 4 :santa:

That or someone's bought loads to make a few bob

As a teacher I'll verify these are amazing - shame my school won't let me have a small army of them. Comedy videos is not an educational purpose!
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