Robosapien RS Media £99.99

Robosapien RS Media £99.99

Found 26th Mar 2008
Meet the Champion of Robotic Toys - Robosapien RS Media

Robosapien RS Media co-ordinates 67 different programmable movements and boasts extensive speech responses. You can even add to his impressive repertoire!

Main Features

320 by 160 color LCD Screen - High Quality TFT 1.9" Screen, 16 bit colour, 176 x 132 pixels, which can show you what the robot is seeing through the head-mounted camera.

Camera mounted on Robosapien RS Media's head - Can be played though the LCD display Interacts with other WowWee robots including the Roboreptile, the Robosapien V2, Robopet, Roboraptor and of course, other RS Media's!

Store body movements with the user being the puppet master, like Robosapien can. However, it will allow the user to edit those movements with the robot's accompanying BodyCon editing package.
Record and store your voice into the robot's SD memory sticks which can be played back by the robot.

Includes a USB port, protocol version 1.0, for interfacing with the robot and downloading files

Bottom line Robosapien RS Media is a hub of multimedia activity. You can display your pictures, watch video and listen to music through the LCD display, not to mention enjoy the unique and engaging personality that makes Robosapien the hands-down champion of all the interactive robotic toys.


Product Dimensions: (H) 62cm x (W) 32cm x (D) 50cm
Box Dimensions: (H) 64cm x (W) 45cm x (D) 35cm
Package Weight: 3800Kg
Power Requirements: 6xD
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Not sure why this has been voted cold as it seems a good price to me, i've tried to heat it for you.
I bought one of these last year for my son, when tesco had them for £50, never seen them anywhere near that price since.
Seriously....why can't people leave a reason for why they are voting cold??
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