Robosapien RS Media half price - £124.95 @ Gadget Shop
Robosapien RS Media half price - £124.95 @ Gadget Shop

Robosapien RS Media half price - £124.95 @ Gadget Shop

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Introducing the latest heir to the Robosapien line invented by NASA scientist, Mark Tilden..... RS Media is a vast improvement in programmability, dynamic modification, and flexibility over even the recently released Robosapien V2!

RS Media is equipped with a head mounted camera, a colour LCD screen in his chest, a full speaker system embedded into his armour (Speakers in his hands and a woofer in his back), internal memory, and external memory card. RS Media is capable of playing MP3's and MPEG 4's, taking and displaying photo's and videos, recording and playing audio clips and comes with 3 challenging java games. You can transfer files from a PC using the USB cable provided to an SD memory card in RS Media (all this is actioned using the editing suite software provided). All this in addition to the popular features of the of previous members of the Robosapien family. Like all good families, RS Media will interact with the other Robosapien family members including Robopet, Roboraptor and the new Roboreptile.

One of the most interesting and unique features of this extraordinary new robot is it's ability to modify and swap personalities thanks to the removable SD memory cards that can be programmed to contain various traits and characteristics that the user would like to see in action. As well as the above, RS Media is capable of everything that his younger brother (Robospaien V2) is able to. His additional features include autonomous behaviour, a combination of fluid biomechanical motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality.

RS Media has a fully rotatable torso allowing him the mobility to bend over and twist from side to side which means he can sit, bend down, lie down and stand up.

His finely tuned precision enable him to pick up, drop and throw objects with a great deal of accuracy and weight.
He's fully controllable and programmable by remote control as well as being fully autonomous in 'free-roam' mode.
Equipped with infra-red, radar vision his red LED moving eyes can detect obstacles, track movements and take objects that are handed to him!
Sensory features include a vision colour system which enables him to recognise objects and skin tones - this means he can identify a human and wave or offer them a handshake.
RS Media even comes with a 'laser' tracking device - which enables him to follow an infra-red path (created using the hand held controller) across the floor.
This incredible breakthrough is set to be one of the top selling toys of its era and even more successful than it's predecessors!
Dimensions: Height: 50.0cm Width: 40.0cm Depth: 30.0cm
Weight: 6.86Kg


Not bad price, but not as good at the £49.99 price being done at Tesco Direct during their last sale! Voted hot, as this is a good price for a great present.

Saw a post on MSE last week - this is available from the manufacturers own website at £99.99 post free

heres the link:



Saw a post on MSE last week - this is available from the manufacturers … Saw a post on MSE last week - this is available from the manufacturers own website at £99.99 post freeheres the link:http://www.character-online.com/products/robotics/ROBOSAPIEN-RS-MEDIA/

Doesn't look like it is available - but would be worth phoning them I guess....

This Gadget shop deal was posted last week but its since dissappeared.... I think it may have been removed - don't know why though....

Voted it hot last week and I'm voting hot this week.

Got it from Tesco Direct. Worst toy ever.

Can it do the ironing?


Got it from Tesco Direct. Worst toy ever.

This is a non-toy for children. Enough to make parents cry.

My son had a previous generation model, played with it for about 30 minutes and then literally threw it into the wardrobe and never touched it again.

It's the sort of toy that children have big tantrums to be given as a present and then take no interest in it.
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