Robosapien V2 for £89.99 or less delivered using codes!!!!!

Robosapien V2 for £89.99 or less delivered using codes!!!!!

Found 16th Dec 2006
Robosapien has evolved - 2 feet tall with more moves, more attitude, more functions, and more fun! It has an Advanced Colour Vision System for object recognition, an infrared radar for avoiding and picking up objects. He has 'Targeting Technology' to follow a path you trace out, can talk about himself in English and has changing moods. He is fully programmable and can have new personlalities either via the remote or from PC downloads. He can even play with other Robosapien toys. Requires 6 x D and 3 x AAA Batteries (not included).

First code is amexham292, then use friends1112. Somehow they combine to give 40% off.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

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I'm sure £89 is about the going rate for this second generation sapian. I feel certain that It's been seen cheaper at certain times in the past too.:santa:

However thankyou anyway for the infomation. Merry Christmas.
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