Robot Bank (counts, stores & allows withdrawal) - £14.99
Robot Bank (counts, stores & allows withdrawal) - £14.99

Robot Bank (counts, stores & allows withdrawal) - £14.99

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Robot Bank (counts, stores & allows withdrawal) is price reduced to £14.99 @ Currys (store collection price).

Mostly sold for £20 and probably the cheapest price @ £14.99. Mod Edit: User Specific Discount Codes Removed but you will pay £4.99 for delivery. Reserve online and collect in store.

Description : This Robot talks, automatically counts coins and tells the time. Whenever you walk past it moves its arms, lights up and talks to you. It recognises and tabulates each coin you put into the top of its head.

You can set a target amount and the Robot Bank will keep track of the total amount saved, and encourages you to meet your goal. It will also keep track of your withdrawals, but watch out - he will try to stop you! PLUS, built in LCD alarm clock displays time and date.


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He looks great! Does he sort the coins too like the machines in supermarkets?!

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Not sure Lynsey ... description says 'tabulates' ... does this means sorting or just keeping record ??? :roll:

My kids had money boxes similar to this when we lived in The Netherlands(€'s). It recognised the value of each coin put in the slot and then tabulates a running total in the window. Paper money values have to be entered manually. Theirs had other functions ... eg. if you entered the price of a treat being saved for, the window would display how much was still needed after a 'deposit' had been made.
Don't know if this has similar functions, but it may help, but i don't think it will physically sort into 1p's 2p's etc.

Hi, I found this product in Dixons online also, and it is cheaper (13.49) although you do have to pay delivery of 1.99.

Thought this may be useful if you dont have a Currys store near you, or are just lazy like me.

If anybody has a free delivery code for Dixons, that would be useful.


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Thanks for the info Jelli89 Think its the same as the one in OP.

m_J_oneill :- did notice this in Dixons but the cheapest option is to collect from Currys hence the OP. If thats not possible, Dixons delivery will be ideal. There is no FREE delivery code for Dixons to this order value, as far as I know. Thanks

For what it's worth, I've had a play with one of these and it was completely inaccurate at coin counting. And it randomly waving, flashing lights and making noise randomly gets hugely annoying after a while, especially if you have it in a bedroom as it will go off throughout the night.

Very true PeteW,my son had one for his birthday last January and it was always making noises and flapping it's arms.In the end my son asked me to take it out of his bedroom 'cause it kept waking him up at night.It's now mysteriously disappeared!!!!:giggle:
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