Robot Chicken: Season 1/2/3 - £12.99 @ HMV

Robot Chicken: Season 1/2/3 - £12.99 @ HMV

Found 21st Jun 2010
Next best £19.47 @ Amazon

BA-BAWK-BAWK-BAAAAAAAAAAWK! Behold: the first three series of the Emmy® award-winning Robot Chicken, battery-farmed and rammed, 20 to a disc, into this juicy box set. All 60 deliciously evil, mind-bending, toy-mangling sketches from Seasons One, Two and Three are right here, just itching to stuff all that jabbering pop-culture funniness malarkey into your eyes.
Gorge yourself on the A-to-Z-List celebrity-baiting hit show from Adult Swim, created by comedy maestro Seth Green, all painstakingly shot in good old fashioned stop-motion animation. In Your Face, mega-bucks Special Effects gonks! Clucking A.

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