Robot Chicken: Season 1/2/3: 6dvd - £6.49 @ HMV

Robot Chicken: Season 1/2/3: 6dvd - £6.49 @ HMV

Found 4th Oct 2010Made hot 4th Oct 2010
Cracking price. Around £17.99+ elsewhere


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Great Deal, but it says out of stock already! I won't expire it, in case I am missing something?

Just ordered - brilliant deal

Can still add it to basket here retrogameskid.

Great find, let's hope HMV doesn't cancel this one due to "out-of-stock" or other "supplier" issues, I have a 3/3 cancellation ratio on past purchases whenever there is a sale. Seems HMV is not too keen on shipping items abroad but fulfill international orders as an afterthought after a few days if there is any stock left.

I have ordered one so fingers crossed................
Thanks for the post.

Season 4, where the show got back on track from 3's meh-ness, is only £6, bit more expensive, but was only released a month ago.
Ordered them all, needed S3, imported the first 2.

great deal as long as they don't cancel my order : / thanks OP

Well for that price i'll give it a try, sounds funny!

Have some heat.

recently sold this for a tenner, can rebuy it now lol.
i have seasons 1 and 2 Region 1 versions that i cant seem to get rid of though. but at £6.49 for all 3 here i cant say no.

Excellent Deal. I have season 1 and was thinking of buying 2 and 3 soon. This is cheaper than buying even one of those series!

I was waiting ages to get this in the last sale, took a couple of weeks to deliver and that was when it was £12! I ordered again with series 4, and will be sending my original back

FYI... if you like Robot Chicken you should check out Titan Maximum, it's done by the same guys and is also pretty funny

if goes through will be mega bargin with my discount

Amazingly, I just got a dispatch email. Really surprised that they didn't cancel the orders. It's now up to £11.99 (which still seems too cheap).

Just had the dispatch email also wasn't expecting that...

Great deal, cheers OP.
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