Robot Vacuum Cleaner £59.99 @ ebuyer
Robot Vacuum Cleaner £59.99 @ ebuyer

Robot Vacuum Cleaner £59.99 @ ebuyer

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Once a 'product of the future' now you can own your own, all be it a less 70s looking robot vacuum cleaner. Far from the human looking concepts of the past this neat little item is small enough to get under your coffee table and around most other objects in your house.
Once charged the unit will busy itself around the house using its sensors to maneuver around objects and suck up any mess in its path.



I. Had a similar one last year and loved it

You said had. What happened to it? oO

These always seem to get mediocre reviews - I was then drawn to the more expensive Roomba vacuums. Thinking it was going to be just another flash in the pan gadget I was amazed to find it not only worked brilliantly but replaced the need for my wife to get a pet (It is now a surrogate pet that never has vet bills)....


roombas always get great write ups, these instead are just rubbish rip offs...some people say they are ok but i think its more based on floor types and surfaces honestly.

I have an earlier robovac from ebuyer, and it's petty good on both wood floors and carpets (it picks up a decent amount of pet hair). It's not quick, takes 30 mins to cover a room you could do in 5 with a conventional dyson, but it's the convenience factor that makes it useful.

Reviews of it's sibling were very poor on a German site:


It scored 40 out of 170, hopeless on carpet, barely adequate on hardfloor. They concluded that at 20 euros on ebay it wasn't worth buying even just to try out the technology.

The cousin of the one eBuyer used to sell the M-288 (reviewed is M-488) is much more positive.

So don't just assume this is the same as eBuyer vacs of yore!


had several from ebuyer, all broke within 1-2 months ..ebuyer was helpful in exchanging those though

I have 2 Roombas - the first one's battery lasted about a year which was £55 to replace (which i havent done) and my other one which is higher in the range was used last night and did 5 minutes before it did its little RIP sound and died under the armchair. They were both about £200 and were brilliant when the batteries were new - but at £55 to £65 a battery I am not sure I will replace either battery!
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