Robotech - Complete Saga Box Set (14 DVDs - 85 ep.) only £18.99 @ Zavvi!!!

Robotech - Complete Saga Box Set (14 DVDs - 85 ep.) only £18.99 @ Zavvi!!!

Found 23rd Apr 2008
Robotech - Macross Saga Complete Collection (6 DVDs)
Robotech - The New Generation Complete Collection (4 DVDs)
Robotech - The Masters Complete Collection (4 DVDs)

Dispatch WAS within 24hrs but now within 3-7 days as I suspect they're running out of stock
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That's 6.33 per Series or 1.35 per DVD or 0.22 per episode. Don't expect the price to fall again anytime soon...No Quidco or vouchers (unless you have a virgin card 10% off).

Next best price according to find-dvd: £23.95
Next best price for individual ones: 8.99, 8.99 and 8.99 at (around 24 pounds with vouchers and QuidCo)

"Robotech is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic of mankind defending its home world against alien domination. The Macross Saga tells of humanity's first contact with a secret alien technology following the crash-landing of a mysterious spacecraft on Earth. Project Robotech is set up to develop this alien technology leading to the creation of a vast arsenal of robotic spaceships. The Earth's flagship, the SD-1 and it's crew is sent out to discover where the alien ship came from leading to the invasion of Earth by the Zentraedi, an alien race intent on keeping the Robotechnology for themselves and destroying mankind in the process.

The second part, The Master, deals with the descendent's of the first Robotech War. Humanity is once again facing destruction from an alien force. They send the SD-3 to attack The Masters, and while it travels out in hyperspace to their world, The Masters launch a surprise attack on Earth resulting in a devastating second war over a secret prize, Protoculture. It is not only The Masters that covet Protoculture. Someone else, even more deadly seeks it out too, The Invid.

The New Generation gives us a world controlled by The Invid. The SD-3 sends a probing force that is destroyed upon exiting hyperspace. A single survivor remains, a man taught to fight, with the will to free Earth. He forms a resistance with the goal of destroying The Invid hive at Reflux Point, aka New York.

Robotech: The Complete Saga contains all 85 digitally re-mastered episodes of the epic anime space opera."

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Great price for the entire series. There's not enough anime posts here. Voted hot!

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Thanks for that! Still very few people seem to have noticed the offer...And some of them seem to have voted cold as well.:? Just to put things into perspective the last time that this boxset appeared on this site it was 3 months ago with a price of 25 pounds. Even then it managed a decent 29 degrees temperature...:thinking:

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Cracking price for over 35 hours of viewing. I picked up a copy in store at the weekend where it's a little bit more at £20, but still a bargain particularly with student discount.
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