Robotech - Complete Saga Box Set - RRP: £49.99, now £17.98 @ Amazon

Robotech - Complete Saga Box Set - RRP: £49.99, now £17.98 @ Amazon

Found 31st Jan 2009
I used to watch this series when I was a kid and I just loved it. I just came back from zavvi and I bought the individual box sets for £21... it's still a bargain, but Amazon has it even cheaper!!!!
So indulge the kid in you and get it!

This is the synopsis for the first series.
It's the year 1999, and Earth is embroiled in a Global War that is systematically destroying every country involved. However, the year brings great change in the form of a giant alien spaceship that astronomers have discovered is hurtling towards Earth. It crashes in the South Pacific, on Macross Island, and the world's best scientists devote their skills and knowledge to restoring the technologically advanced battle fortress that has fallen to Earth. Ten years later, Project Robotech has been completed, and the SDF-1 is ready for its maiden voyage. Unfortunately, the SDF-1 has attracted a Zentraedi armada, who wants to claim the ship as their own. As a result, a series of wars begin that threaten to devastate the Earth. An involving and exciting space opera that has been immensely popular since its release, ROBOTECH is a landmark Anim?This collection includes all 36 episodes of the MACROSS SAGA.


voted hot as it looks the lowest priced available complete box set

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The price went up for a couple of days to 22.90 something, but now it's back to 17.98.
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