Rock Band 2 (Solus) Xbox 360 £24.99 @ Play
Rock Band 2 (Solus) Xbox 360 £24.99 @ Play

Rock Band 2 (Solus) Xbox 360 £24.99 @ Play

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Cheapest i have seen it. No instruments but seen a few deals around here for the rock band 1 set.

* Requires a drum, microphone or guitar controller to play
* Rock Band instruments sold separately
* The best band game on the market just got better thanks to a slate of innovative features from Harmonix, the preeminent music game studio! Take your band on an online-enabled World Tour mode, record albums, tackle the addictive Set Challenges, or even compete against other bands, either in your living room or halfway across the world, in the Battle Of The Bands mode... plus all of the modes you know and love from the first Rock Band game!
* Innovative hardware updates! Rock Band 2 will ship with 2nd generation hardware: more durable, wireless drums with an expansion port to support cymbal pads and improved wireless Fender Stratocaster guitars - with multiple colours - that will let you rock harder and longer then ever before.
* Rock Never Dies! Compatible with all past and future downloadable content - even tracks you downloaded for Rock Band back in 2007 - so you can play a never-ending, face-melting set.
* Learn to play drums! Rock Band 2 pushes music simulation farther than it's ever gone with a tool that actually teaches you how to play the drums in real-life - or you can just have fun jamming and playing along to songs like an animal in the Freestyle Drum mode.


Good Price - cheapest i've seen since it's release. Rockband games seem to hold their price much more than Guitar Hero ones.


Hot - much better than Guitar Hero.

can you export RB2 tracks into RB1 for 400MSP?
you can deffo do it the other way round {RB1export to RB2}

expired - £43.99 now.

still voted hot for finding it even though i missed it!


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gutted, i hate play sometimes. stupid play trade, should be able to hide play trade stuff in account settings.

back in stock...

full band kit too


Thanks for the post Booshambles, and for the reminder GreyScale

purchased been waiting for a drop

Ah damn I caved and bought it, don't really need it right now but the offer was too good to pass up on. Never seen it this low before and I'm surprised it is, used copies still sell at almost 40 quid!

heat and rep added etc etc

Anyone interested in a Rock Band "band in a box" set from the original Rock Band? Everything works, the mic and guitar have only been used a couple of times so are as good as new. pm me if you're interested.

Heat added.

Best price by some margin I've seen yet but for me at least the bubble on this little fad has well & truly burst, I have 5 of this kind of game (1st Rock Band and the rest various GHs).
I'm sure I will buy RB2 just not until it's well under £20.
I can wait.

(I am looking for the AC/DC GH if anyone has one going at a decent price)

PS3 version back in stock too.


this game is awesome, have a lot of fun when my friends come over

great price, especially if youve got the equipment

HOT! Thanx for that mate. I was looking for RB2 long time.:thumbsup:

Cheers for this. Been looking for this game to drop for a while now. Almost bought thise from HMV for £36. Thanks again.

just got mine sweet

Order, Cheers OP.

H+R = noice

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thanks folks, best thing about rock band 2 is if you can borrow a copy or rent a copy of rock band 1 you can use the code inside the box for 400ms points to import around 70 tracks, there is 1 or 2 you cant import cant remember which now but i know 1 can be rebought with an album pack that came out a while back.

excellent, just ordered it! loved original rock band but resented paying £40 for more songs. gonna rock out this week! also got quidco on it!

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can you export RB2 tracks into RB1 for 400MSP?you can deffo do it the … can you export RB2 tracks into RB1 for 400MSP?you can deffo do it the other way round {RB1export to RB2}

no sorry but you really wouldnt need to as rb2 is a better game, fixed alot of quibbles people had with the first one.

ordered H + R added :thumbsup:

Mine came this morning, cant wait to play pearl jam
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