Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard 360 via amazon 3rd party (Netprice Direct)

Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard 360 via amazon 3rd party (Netprice Direct)

Found 1st Oct 2012
The rock band keyboard is now only £14.99 delivered from a marketplace seller netpricedirect (just click on the buying options like). If you prefer to get it fulfilled by amazon it's only £17.79.

I think this is the cheapest its ever been from amazon (though I know there have been even cheaper in-store deals but those are no longer available).

At this price worth picking up a 2nd.

Plus it's a pretty good small midi keyboard for those without a console - you won't find anything comparable for anywhere near this price.

It's 15.99 / 18.03 for the PS3 version.
And 15.99 for the Wii version.
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Had one of these originally when the game came out. Loved it but a key went dodgy and sent it back. Can't resist at £14.99. Thanks very much nathankw! Worth buying just to play The Cure - Just like Heaven on keys!
Looks great but I just ordered rocksmith....
Maybe if I had rock band 3 I would get this, but I don't so I might have to pass
Quite fancy this, but can't seem to find a cheapish used copy of the game.
You can get RB3 for £14.99 on the Xbox Games on Demand store.
condracky points for knowing who the guy … points for knowing who the guy is.

Big Boy Barry is not so big anymore...
this was £2 a few month ago from game.
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There are hardly any keyboard songs of note in RB3 and nobody chooses these online.
My boyfriend bought this a few months back just to use as a regular MIDI keyboard since it's no worse than many that you can pay £40/£50 for, it was just a bonus that it works with rock band. Also, with regards to there only being about 60 on disk songs that have keyboard parts and a lot not being great, don't forget the keyboard doubles up as a guitar/bass, just without strumming.

Final point - even if RB3 is a little expensive, if you can rent RB1, you can export all those songs with no code required (but it does cost MSP) and if you rent RB2, just message EA saying you lost your export code, and they'll give you a new one. Thus you only had to buy RB3 & export fees, but including the free DLC, you'll now have around 225 songs to play!
Ordered, Thanks. Now i just need the drums!
Nice, thanks OP!
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