Rock Band 4 Band in a Box (XBox One) £79.99 on Amazon (Prime Exclusive)

Rock Band 4 Band in a Box (XBox One) £79.99 on Amazon (Prime Exclusive)

Found 22nd Oct 2016
Sold by Amazon, Prime eligible. Cheapest I have seen it on there. Hope this helps someone (especially as Rivals is out now)

Description of game:
Music game pioneer Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. is taking the highest-rated interactive music gaming platform to the next level with Rock Band 4. Designed exclusively for current-generation gaming consoles, Rock Band 4 delivers the ecstatic rush of a live band performance like never before. Add your personal signature to every performance through groundbreaking features such as Freestyle Guitar Solos that allow players to create their own legendary solos. Combined with impressive current-gen visual polish and a soundtrack featuring some of rock's biggest acts, Rock Band 4 aims to create the defining music gaming platform for this generation.
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I got it for £49.99 … I got it for £49.99 recently

​time machine anyone??

​time machine anyone??

​If you hear of one I'd like to use it to go back and play the winning lottery numbers.

​time machine anyone??

I was sorta pointing out maybe why the deal was cold? But yes, Argos do time machines as well. Google anyone???
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