Rock Band Drums Xbox 360 £10 @ HMV instore

Rock Band Drums Xbox 360 £10 @ HMV instore

Found 21st Oct 2010Made hot 22nd Oct 2010
have plenty in stock in birmingham bullring HMV


How many times?!

also seen a stack @ hmv belfast about 2 weeks ago or so.

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I know its not a new deal, just thought I let ppl in birmingham area know they are back in stock, thats all

Ignore the people on here who for some reason cannot seem to simply ignore repeated deals and feel they must make a facetious post inside them, good to let people know where they're in stock. The more options the better.

I believe the derby store is still drowning in these...

In stock at merry hill too

Saw a wall of these in Fort Shopping Park, Birmingham today oO

Don't have an Xbox, but saw 8 in the Lincoln store today, price £10

About 5 in the Rugby store today by the tills, there were 6, but I had to get one seeing as they are only a tenner!

Was going to post this myself, but heat to the OP!
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