Rock Band for £6.99 !!! Band in a box !

Rock Band for £6.99 !!! Band in a box !

Found 29th Aug 2008
obviously a misprice but worth a try:…0/3

Band in a box and other Rockk band stuff for only £6.99
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is this just a one off buy or do you have to like keep buying ect cos its a catalouge
Amazing price but I've read really terrible things about this company so I'm not gonna vote either way... Sowwy!
Never get it at that price, would be more hassle to give them my details and then find thay have charged you the full amount and to try and reclaim it back.

Good find and if someone gets it at that price then good for them.
Please be careful with Studio24, they had a 'misprice' on some DVD's last year (Sharpe & 24 I believe), they send the items, invoice did not follow till months after. They charged me a different price as 1 item was never in stock and I got stung big style.
Returning was no option as some DVD's were x-mas pressies, customer service, if you can get through, is by far the worst I have ever experienced.

[SIZE="3"]Be warned[/SIZE]!
The link doesn't work!
Monkey nuts 2;2849734

The link doesn't work!

It's working fine for me...
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so very tempting to order for that price but reading your reviews it makes me not want to ...gutted
Yeah, expire/spam the thread please. Just seen these reviews :…0-0
I have taken the risk and ordered two.... Yes, I am pretty crazy, but I've dealt with companies selling fakes and false advertisement on the internet and made a fair saving in the past...
i ordered one howver i am gunna cancel it now

i ordered one howver i am gunna cancel it now

I ordered something last year which they couldn't supply.

As it didnt arrive in a few weeks, I kept ringing to cancel the order.

Everytime I rang, they said "We'll cancel your order"

Impossible to cancel, and they requested payment from me even though I recieved nothing!

Plus an Admin charge for no payment! I didn't want to pay for something I didn't receive.
did u pay anything?
dylan1357 have you had any emails or money taken from your bank anything like that yet as you have ordered them? and did you go for the band in a box part? Surely if they send you an invoice online with 6.99 each on it then thats all you should have to pay them?
I received one mail just after the order confirming receipt of the order, however it clearly states that the mail doesn't confirm the order has been placed.

During the order and create account process I wasn't prompted and didn't enter any bank details other than confirm I had a bank account and credit card.

I've ordered two in the hope they are stupid enough to sell them at this crazy price, but I can't see it happening. If I do go through with it at the stated price I'll only pay on my credit card and also have a copy of the web page saved in case of any come back.

I'll up date this page if I get any further news...
i got an invoice today, for 11.98 cos there was 4.99 shipping....if it comes though is another question.
Similarly here, received invoice today stating to wait 21 days for delivery..hope they come through. Be wary though if goods are received I'd wait to receive the completion statement through 1st before doing anything with them just in case. There are lots of forums out there, including this one, that say 'Studio' are shambles.
is anyone gunna pay the m before the goods come?

is anyone gunna pay the m before the goods come?

Was wondering that myself. I don't want to pay before I get anything but on the other hand, if they don't receive payment they might cancel the order.

is anyone gunna pay the m before the goods come?

If you read the right hand side of the invoice, just above the Giro slip, you'll notice that they state that a seperate statement will be sent telling you when to pay. They certainly wont be getting a penny off me until any of the goods arrive. This company is based in Preston which is only down the road for me if for any reason they try to pull a fast one. But, I'm still hoping they honour the never know. :thumbsup:
Just checked my account and my orders have been cancelled.
I would recommend you do the same.

Just checked my account and my orders have been cancelled.I would … Just checked my account and my orders have been cancelled.I would recommend you do the same.

Same here :-(
I too received the invoice, phoned up to discuss payment and they advised me that the pricing was an error and the order had been cancelled. They aren't too friendly on the phone, so beware. When I mentioned that if this had been someone like the item would've been shipped and in my hand for the advertised price.....he turned quite rude. He also read a section from the terms and conditions stating no price is confirmed by the website and is subject to change without notice. Any company who has this in their t&c's really isn't worth buying from.
what number do i have to ring to cancel my order?
all orders cancelled got a letter today saying soo
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