Rock Band (Solus) PS3 £19.50 at CD-WOW
The stand alone game for the PS3. Cheapest price I could find so I've bought it.

Edit: I have just checked and the price on the site is now £20.49! So it's droped by £4.50 since saturday!! Bit crap for me but good for any other bargin hunters.

(Anyone know if CD-WOW will give me the difference? :P)

You will have to go through the affiliate link with HotDeals to get it at £20.49!


pity it's not on xbox too otherwise I would have bought one, still a great find though x x x x x

if i bought this where could i get the instruments cheap?


if i bought this where could i get the instruments cheap?

Check out this instrument compatability chart before you choose your guitar:
If you want to try other music games as well it would be good to have the Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar as it works with all at present.

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The price has been changed. Get in there now or wait to see how low it goes. :whistling:

Anyone know if this is the NTSC or PAL version - boxart is NTSC, but states PAL in description?

HAd this delivered the other day, and it is an Australian R4 version, but i can confirm that it works fine on my UK PS3, and DLC from the UK PSN also works brilliantly.

From what i gather, the disc id (BLES-00228) is exactly the same as the UK version, just the packaging is slightly different
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