Rock Band Solus (XBOX 360) £17.99 @ Game

Rock Band Solus (XBOX 360) £17.99 @ Game

Found 9th Sep 2009
Had GH WT on PS3 but selling that as bought Beatles Rock Band on XBOX 360 so now looking to back fill my collection with XBOX 360 Rock Band & GH games.

Been looking knowing this recently and its been over 29.99 just about everywhere till I saw this so thought i'd post it.

Seen various deals on here around the £20 mark but all appeared to be limited to single in store offers.

Hope this helps someone if not then never mind eh!

EDIT - link changed from Game to HMV as found it £2 cheaper! £17.99 is the lowest yet.


can you use wired GH guitars on this?


can you use wired GH guitars on this?

The ones from GH2? Yes, you can.

I'd recommend buying the sequel and renting RB1 and exporting the tracks (for 400 MS points)

bought this last night in cuurys for £15 instore, its £20 with 25% off all their software
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