Rock Band Standalone Drum Kit - XBOX 360 £19.99 Delivered @ Play

Rock Band Standalone Drum Kit - XBOX 360 £19.99 Delivered @ Play

Found 6th Aug 2009
Drum kit controller for use with Rock Band. Play like a real drummer on a drum kit with four pads, a kick pedal, and real drum sticks.

Looks like a fantastic deal for the full drum kit! Especially as this used to be over £70.
It can also be used on Guitar Hero World Tour.



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wow this is gonna soar i reckon
excellent find

does seem a great deal-no cymbals tho?


does seem a great deal-no cymbals tho?

there is no cymbals for RB1 :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Taa for the advice andywedge, I'll bear those points in mind in future.

great deal HOT!!

i use these drums with World Tour and Greatest hits and also record the odd beat when plugging them into my PC (…php)! Good enough for gaming. They would not allow my to play online on World Tour but on Greatest Hits you can battle online! My red drum is a little temperamental though, but sounds like they replace them quite easily or there are fixes online for them. heat added.

EDIT: oh and to activate star power when using GH games is a bit of trickery but can be done. wait for the blue to be a 'cymbal' and then hit the yellow and blue together to activate. usually works best at the end of a 4 bar set or something similar. basically the blue alternates between being a cymbal and a tom throughout songs. hope that isnt too confusing!

Coming up as £47.45 now.

Sold out. Expired.

brilliant deal, nice one!


Coming up as £47.45 now.

you snooze you lose

I wasn't snoozing i was eating. Curse food.

think i must have got one of, if not the last one, lucky!

dam! that was a real good deal.

LOL typical, I bought some for £30 off a mate last week.
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