Rockburn Guitar Tuner reduced from £20 to £5 instore Tesco

Rockburn Guitar Tuner reduced from £20 to £5 instore Tesco

Found 4th Apr 2010
Thought that this would be useful to somebody. I saw this in Tesco at Kingston Park Newcastle, I can't find it online. Loads of them on the shelf. Item No BC-850.

I have a picture but I can't find out how to post it.

EDIT: I posted it to my own web space and linked it from there.
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    Yep that's the one. Now why couldn't I find that, oh never mind.
    Looks like mine - does the job - auto is great and useful for bass, acoustic + electric alsos!! Never seen it at 20 before - got it free in the store I got my bass (was around 4£ in Cash Cons.)!
    I got a similar one for me & a friend from Asda at Benton, Newcastle for 50p!! That was last month - bargain!
    These things normally retail for £5-£9 brand new if you didn't get one chucked in for free with your guitar. Nobody is going to pay £20 for one unless it strings the guitar for you, too.
    I posted this a while ago
    Try the Gibson app if you've got an iPhone, supprisingly acurate and free for now.
    I don't need one because I use my PC, but obviously good for a portable tuner.
    None in the Old Swan, Liverpool Tesco :x

    None in the Old Swan, Liverpool Tesco :x

    What section of the store are these displayed in, I looked this morning at my Tesco extra but couldn't see any but equally wasn't sure where I should be looking.
    I'm not sure, i checked in electricals. I also asked a member of staff as well to be sure.

    Also checked the Deysbrook, Liverpool Branch and they have none either :?
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    Strangely these were by the computer peripherals, who knows why they put them there.
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