Rocker gaming chair £36 delivered @ Debenhams

Rocker gaming chair £36 delivered @ Debenhams

Found 31st Jan 2009
This is my first post, so please be nice, altho constructive critisim welcome!!

Rocker gaming chair reduced from £150 to £45 @ Debenhams with code PL7P this will bring it down to £36 and free delivery using SHA1

All-new ergonomically designed large sized rocker gaming chair includes 8 channel FM wireless transmitter for a no wire, no fuss solution. Incorporating 2 x inward facing 6 Watt speakers for improved sound and a 20 Watt mini-sub into the height adjustable backrest. The 4" microfiber / mesh fabric cushion provides comfortable rocking for an incredible gaming experience.

Number of players: 1
14 years +
4 X AA ( Req)
Includes 8 channel FM wireless transmitter for a no wire, no fuss solution
HWD: 75 x 62.8 x 40.4cm


[COLOR="Magenta"]can you post a direct link please i cannot find it thanks[/COLOR][COLOR="Magenta"]lol it`s on now [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Magenta"]tHANKS GOOD FIND ORDERED one heat and rep added [/COLOR]

Good deal Suzi. Much heat and rep to you.

Can't understand this game chair fad at all though (interesting styling though). What's wrong with just sitting on a sofa?

fab ! .. £72 for 2 chairs !! ordered thanks !

Ordered one right away thanks ALOT!

hot deal thanks ordered one 2 mins ago for my son cheap for a wireless unit might even give it a go myself nothing 400 ml of ibuprofen wont sort out when i try and get off it ,thanks again heat added...

If anyone is interested this chair is a "Pyramat S5000".

out of stock -.-

Pants! Did a little research and when I come to buy - out of stock
Think this is the S5000-W as it wireless
$170 from the pyramat store so good bargain

bummer....none available
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