Rocket Fishing Rod was £29.99, now only £8.56 @ Amazon!

Rocket Fishing Rod was £29.99, now only £8.56 @ Amazon!

Found 26th Feb 2008
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Listen carefully: trying to catch large sea creatures with a normal fishing rod may put your life in peril - especially if you are new to the art of fishing. If you spot the creature you want, then the Rocket Fishing Rod will make catching it a whole lot less troublesome. You see, the Rocket Fishing Rod eliminates the need for casting out. It also incorporates a shotgun type mechanism which fires out the hook, line, and sinkers up to 30 feet. The baited hook sits within a unique capsule that releases it as soon as the capsule hits the water - this doubles as a float when in the water, alerting you to when your creature is biting the bait. As with traditional rods, the Rocket Fishing Rod incorporates a reel for easy line retrieval, and has an adjustable drag feature to prevent line-breaks - which you will probably find useful when reeling in your sea monster. It is also constructed from a robust ABS material giving it superb durability and a resilience to the outdoors.
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