ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - The Name Of The Band Is Rocket From The Crypt CD £2.99 +Quidco @ Play

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - The Name Of The Band Is Rocket From The Crypt CD £2.99 +Quidco @ Play

Found 24th Mar 2009
"This reissue is from the early years, combining a mini album "The State of Art is on Fire" with two singles, from 93 and 03. If yer looking for thrills, fast cars, dangerous games with matches, sweaty punch-ups and a lot of rocknroll gangbang shoving down the front then this is the band for you. Check out the burnin ecstasy of Light Me, A+ In Arson Class and Human Torch (you get the picture, Zippo?) and if you dig these, get Circa:Now and Scream, Dracula, Scream."

1. Light Me
2. A+ In Arson Class
3. Rid Or Ride
4. Human Torch
5. Ratsize
6. Human Spine
7. Trouble
8. Masculine Intuition
9. Boychucker
10. Jumper K Balls
11. Lefty
12. Come On
13. On The Prowl


Without "On a rope" it's worthless!


Without "On a rope" it's worthless!

I'll second that, On a Rope is a bona fide classic. Got the MTV headbangers ball appearance from years back on VHS, the lad that just dances around is hilarious, damn he got some mooooooves!:)

For those wondering what this album is as it's not listed on their official discography or their wikipedia discography- it looks like it's the tracks from ']The State of the Art is on Fire' plus the ]Boychucker single with both B-Side tracks 'Jumper K Balls' and 'Lefty' and ]On The Prowl as a bonus too. All previously released on Sympathy For The Record Industry.

At that price, its a rocking good deal. Heat and rep added. Yeah baby
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