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Posted 25 September 2022

Rocking Pizza Cutter Blade £5.98 delivered @ Roov

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This Maison & White Rocking Pizza Cutter is the perfect addition to your home or commercial kitchen, the sharp blade allows you to easily glide through pizzas and ingredients ensuring a clean slice whilst using minimal effort. The sharp and sturdy blade requires a rocking motion to slice, unlike pizza wheels this will not create multiple cuts and so will not ruin the toppings. Made from high grade stainless steel the rocking blade is the perfect addition to any home or commercial kitchen, the high quality cutter is strong and highly durable making it the perfect tool even in the busiest of kitchens.


With a highly sharp curved blade the pizza cutter ensures a clean and precise cut with ease, simply apply downward pressure and rock the cutter from back to forth, this rocking motion will do all the work for you. Unlike pizza wheels this blade will always have contact with the bench so it is much easier to ensure a straight and precise cut, making this ideal for presenting your pizza aesthetically.


Crafted from high grade stainless steel, this pizza cutter is perfectly suited to the kitchen environment, the strong and durable nature of the cutting blade ensures it will last for many years. Over time the blade may dull but it can be sharpened the same as any other kitchen knife using a whetstone or chef’s steel.

Warning - Sharp cutting edge, not for sale to any persons under the age of 18. Please wash before use.

Wash before first use
Handwash only
Use with care
Misuse may result in injury
Do not use when wet


  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Size: 35cm (Length) x 12cm (Height) x 2.5cm.
  • In the box: 1x Pizza blade, 1x protective cover.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
Roov More details at Roov
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  1. Avatar
    Can't lie I thought it was a roll of tin foil
  2. Avatar
    £1 pair of scissors does the same job
    Let me guess, you drive a Vauxhall?
  3. Avatar
    Add code "cart5" to take another 5% off.

    Brings it down to £5.79 for me.
    Now down to £2.99 (but 7 days to dispatch)
  4. Avatar
    "handwash only"..........."dishwasher safe" !!
    Don't see nothing wrong with this, if you've been given dishwasher status in your household
  5. Avatar
    We've used similar for years, much better than a tw@tty wheel or knife
    Wheel is literally better.
  6. Avatar
    No free delivery anymore
    Was £5.99 in OP. Went to £2.99+post.. which makes its £5.79
  7. Avatar
    up to 6.99 now
  8. Avatar
    6.99 it says now
  9. Avatar
    CART5 brings it down to 6.64...
    plus £2.95, think I'll leave it...
  10. Avatar
    Along with a mandolin, another risky tool not worth the risk vs benefit
    Depends how you handle the tool?
  11. Avatar
    It's Worf's first practice Bat'leth
  12. Avatar
    These are really simple to use and gets a true clean cut, unless you're waving it around like a machete, its difficult to hurt, yourself, a lot better than a pizza wheell
  13. Avatar
    I have this one. It's too thin and flexes.
  14. Avatar
    Me ages ago
  15. Avatar
    These are great, and laugh in the face of peperoni.
  16. Avatar
    Ordered thank you
  17. Avatar
    Ordered 3 for family members as these are far better than the wheels. Thanks for posting. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Looks like this is an affiliate link
    That's normal at hukd
  19. Avatar
    The rocking part sounds so exciting , its worth £5.98 just for the name .....good job director of names
  20. Avatar
    Might as well use a long curved knife and rock that a few times. Just another piece of kitchenware that's not necessary.
  21. Avatar
    Just need a new kitchen to store it now.
  22. Avatar
    It's just like that other unnecessary kitchen gadget, a rocking herb chopper.
    Use a mezzaluna all the time for corriander!
  23. Avatar
    A and E written all over it, not literally 😵‍💫
  24. Avatar
    Good price but id say a pizza wheel cutter probably more practical and easier to put in your kitchen drawer.
  25. Avatar
    Has anyone received theirs yet? Still waiting.
    Haven't had mine yet