RockShox Tora SL Coil 100mm Fork White Red without Poplock 2010 - £94.99 @ JE James Cycles

RockShox Tora SL Coil 100mm Fork White Red without Poplock 2010 - £94.99 @ JE James Cycles

Found 6th May 2011
First post so be gentle with a noob. Rockshox Tora SL 100mm fork for under £100. No poploc included but nobody locks the front forks anyway. Excellent upgrade from the cheap suntour forks that came with my hardrock.


seems a reasonable deal but an odd comment about not locking forks.....on steep ascents I always lock mine out

You lock the front forks when you're going up steep hills.

mine are always locked. i stuck road tyres on and only use it on the road, the slight movement whilst in the locked position is ideal.

forking troll

I always lock my project 2's i just need to find out how to make em soft

My Reba's are locked most of the time except when going downhill.

Always lock uphill and on a sprint, what are you on about?

I fitted a pair of these Tora SL's 2 weeks ago to my Hardrock Comp Disc, but the version with Turnkey lockout. Paid £111 for those from CycleStore, so it's a reasonable deal depending on what the remote poplock will set you back or if you already have it. I found I can reach the turnkey just fine whilst riding and didn't want extra levers on my bars.

Agree with the comments above, I bought mine specifically so I could lockout on-road and it's an absolute godsend. Nice forks, if a little heavy, very happy with them. Even when locked out there's a little give to take up the harsh bumps, but it transforms the bike on steep hills.

Easy to fit too - I used a pipe cutter to trim them, then popped in a new star nut. The steerer tube is steel though, so make sure your cutter is up to the job or use a hacksaw if you trust your cutting skills . . . I didn't!

Lock-out is essential..... I know a friend with a £2K Lapierre Froggy who regrets he didnt get it with the bike (expecting 180mm forks with lockout is a bit much tho! ).

On these forks (100mm) the difference wont be *too* bad, but go to a standard 120-140mm of travel and start doing some uphills on Llandegla / Coed Y Brenin / Marin Trail / Peaks and tell me you still dont need lockout

I've got RockShox Recons 130mm on mine, great shock, and RockShox are a great make. I don't like remote poplocks - just something else to go wrong. Don't see the problem in turning the lock on the top of the fork.

Got to agree though that lockout is one of the most important features and is used all the time

not no point I accept but some of you seem to know what you are talking about. I have about £550 to spend, need a MB, hard tail, where would you look?
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