Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Nintendo Wii - £10.99 HMV (4% cashback)
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Nintendo Wii - £10.99 HMV (4% cashback)

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Nintendo Wii - £10.99 HMV (4% cashback)

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Intuitive and incredibly easy to pick up and play, 'Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis' utilizes the motion sensing technology of the Wii to bring the game to life like never before for non-stop, fast paced action! The intensity and speed of a fighting game, wrapped in a tight gameplay mechanic that offers a highly unique gaming experience!

Key Features

# 11 characters (7 male, 4 female) from across the world including players from Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Egypt, the U.S. and more, each with their own attributes and play styles.

# Each player has four attributes: Spin, Accuracy, Speed and Power.

# 3 unique control modes (Standard, Control Freak, Sharpshooter) to give you ultimate control for your style of game.

# 3 Playable Game Modes - Exhibition, Tournament and Training

# Compete in Tournaments from the Rookie Circuit all the way to the All-Star World Championship!

# 11 Training Mode drills, including the all new Sharpshooter mode, allow you to perfect your technique against Robo-Pong

# 19 unique venues complete with crowds that chant your name in support and react like a live audience.

# Up to four simultaneous profiles, each with their own control mode

# All aspects of gameplay recorded on Stats menu

# Multiple outfits for each player featuring life-like cloth physics that ripple and sway as you dart around.

# A slight trail that changes colour follows the ball. The colour is dependent on what shot is used and the amount of spin is put on the ball, this becomes useful to determine what kind of shot you should use to return your opponents volley.

# Placing and retuning shots strategically are the key to winning.

# Tournament matches are best two out of three, played to 11 points and must be won by 2 points. This can also be customized in the menu.

# Unlockable gear from real world sponsors such as Adidas, Butterfly, Joola, KillerSpin, Paddle Palace and more.



I saw this for 2 for £20 in GAME the other day. Good price if you want it on its own.

Fairly average reviews, though from what footage I've seen the music is really good. Worth a shot if you've an interest in table tennis and enjoy some funky beats.

i got it for £10 online, think it was hmv. sold it for £11 on ebay, it's awful.

What a load of S**T....

This is actually a good game, I remember playing it when first released, very addictive. HOT!
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