Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Xbox 360 £4.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Xbox 360 £4.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Xbox 360 £4.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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n a nutshell:A next generation game of Ping Pong doesn?t necessarily sound like the best use of your Xbox 360?s abilities ? no matter how good the graphics are. Just a few quick plays though will turn apathy into addiction.The lowdown:You might come for the budget price but you?ll stay for the gameplay in what must be the most engrossing new sports game in years. Although the realism is probably going to be beside the point for most people this looks and plays exactly like the real thing. That means the controls basically work like a normal tennis sim, with four basic shot types on the face buttons and some easy to apply aftertouch available on the left stick. You can mix and match shots by holding down multiple buttons and there?s a handy warning rumble when you starting getting your returns too near the edge of the table. Although the presentation is a little dry, especially for a Rockstar game, sports games don?t get much more fun than this.

The most authentic and addictive sports simulation ever created. Rockstar Games presents Table tennis delivers the unfiltered kinetic energy of intense competition for a new generation.

ULTIMATE SPORT SIMULATION: Recreates the tension of professional table tennis across 19 environments.
BECOME WORLD CHAMPION: Play through the challenging tournament mode or battle head to head on Xbox Live.
STUNNING LIFELIKE GAMEPLAY: Dynamic character models and animation, advanced lighting and hyper-realistic physics.


I actually played the demo of this during it's release, seemed a good game but not worth the full price of a 360 game.
Hard to pass up for under £5 though

Hi Andy wedge like your halloween avatar

This is one of the very best Xbox 360 games in my opinion. Local multiplayer is brilliant. Well worth a fiver.


100% worth a fiver. I haven't got rid of it and occassionally play it since launch. Always good for some 2-player action and looks superb. Rep.

this is £2.99 if you have a head shop near you

These used to go for a only few quid on a certain auction site when I was buying a few classic xbox360 games last year, great value game.

Great price :thumbsup:

Voted Hot as good deal & great game. But if you have a Head entertainment near you (formally Zavvi) then its only £3.99 in there as I bought a copy today having just got an xBox again & thats brand new not pre owned... :thumbsup:

Cracking game
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