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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta Free 15 Gold Bars and RDO$ gifts - PS4 and Xbox One @ Rockstar Games
Found 16 h, 38 m agoFound 16 h, 38 m ago
Gold Gift: As a thank you for your ongoing support, we are awarding everyone who has played from the Red Dead Online Beta launch through this Thursday, December 20th with a gift of… Read more
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first few months of GTA V Online were pretty similar when it first lauched on ps3 and xb360 in 2013. There were no big $ missions, nothing. All you could do is rob stores and redo the few story missions. But back then people were creating their own content. The heists came like a year or two later... IMHO the lobbys will become more ballanced so those who levelled up during the beta won't just use grinded/ bought for gold items in a deathmatch with people who just joined. Also the whole point of online is grind. If you decide to take a short cut and buy gold with real money, what is there left for you to do then? I might be in minority with this opinion, but R* are doing a right thing with pay to win system. The game is designed so that you keep returning into online mode. If you decide to give it a month and not play and contribute to the online community, pay the rediculous price for virtual gold and feel free not to play everyday...


Herb Picker 2018


Wow shocker!


I like the offer given but.... It's almost like playing GTA V but a Western version of it


I'm so glad I glitched over 400 Gold bars via the reset glitch. Looking at the prices I can honestly say RDO doesn't interest me right now, it's so empty.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Companion App
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Available for download on October 26th on both iOS and Android, you can pan and zoom the map, set waypoints or mark areas of interest with a tap on your screen, aiding your explora… Read more

Nice one. Voted Hot because I wouldn't have known about this deal without your post & because it obviously annoys people Thanks!




What, the best deal I'd ever get for RDR2 you reckon? I doubt it because I just pre-ordered half a dozen Collector's Box and Ultimate Edition bundles at around £165 a go with Complete Savings cashback and taken it from there. So far I've sold three of the bundles at 250 quid a go, a Collector's Box by itself at 150 quid and got two more bundles to out so once they've sold and I've calculated all the costs for everything(got to love them £1 final fee deals eBay do by the way) I'll let you know how much I've made to keep an Ultimate Edition for myself ;)


Nope would have got 1000s of heat if I posted the deal! Best deal you'll ever get! 8) 👌


Strange because you don't seem to have ever posted any deal whatsoever, never mind one of 5000+ :/ where's it gone?

$250,000 free GTA money on first log in this week & $150,000 every day you log in plus more free stuff until 10th September  @ Rockstar Games
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Just seen this on Rockstar games for GTA fans. $250,000 on first log in this week then $150,000 each day after until 10th September and if you log on in all the days, you get $1.1… Read more

No rewards yet on xbox gtav.


Maybe you missed the start day? Others have got the full amount. If you are unhappy get in touch with them. Was free anyway 8)


I logged in Everyday and only received 1000,000 when promised did my partner.....false advertisement or what?????


Just logged in to gta online and my money has been deposited to my bank. Thanks again OP.


Guess we just have to wait until the 17th to get this money now.

Get $250000 GTA Cash on first log in and $150000 every subsequent online log in until 14th May @ Rockstar Games
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
From their website :- GTA ONLINE: BUSINESS WEEK NEW VEHICLES, CASH GIVEAWAY, 2X GTA$/RP ON CONTACT MISSIONS AND MORE Southern San Andreas is rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit… Read more

i went onto the game today and i got nothing credited


Good to know, thanks.


has anyone received anything already? thinking they may credit it daily?


Didn’t look. It’s in English now


My comment has been deleted as offensive for some reason - I was only replying to say that I wasn't the stereotypical player...*shrugs*

Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Once you’ve finished lathering yourself in cranberry sauce and sweet potato mash, it’s time to celebrate the nation’s second-most gluttonous holiday: Black Friday. Southern San And… Read more
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Some new jobs/missions to do or a few new heists would bring me back to the game. All of the businesses are very boring indeed. They feel like a chore and are not fun. I think Rockstar are lazy and greedy. Can't see the businesses taking much thinking or effort from their side to create.


That was an interesting read, thank you, its a catch 22 situation.


I reocmmend giving this a read: And that just deals with this game- looks what has happened to BF2 or others who try to follow in Rockstars footsteps.


Since when do i not like Rockstar - there are lots of companies doing this exploitative rubbish. Your deal is, perhaps inadvertently, promoting a system that is everything wrong with the gaming industry right now


Oh my god, your the one who brought up microtransactions, what part of the deal have i posted on here which suggest anybody should part with a single penny? Your posting this bs because you dont like rockstar, my deal perhaps helps those people who dont gain an advantage through "microtransactions" and earn money playing the game.

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] GTA $400,000 - FREE - Rockstar (Halloween Sale)
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
[PS4/Xbox One/PC] GTA $400,000 - FREE - Rockstar (Halloween Sale)
Thought I'd pop this up as a little heads up for those who haven't logged in for a while. Rockstar are celebrating 4 years of GTA Online and are offering $400,000 for anybody who l… Read more
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Was that before they botched everyones order??? I know they did one batch and everyone got one, sent a pic of them boxing them up for shipping then I think it was the second or third lot on Black Friday they sold sooooo much and nobody got their order!! It was a Bday gift for me from missus so had to wait to get money back and ordered from. Someplace else


Hey, I received mine from them (strong)


Spawned by some cliffs, not a single soul in sight, get head shot. Can't wait to login again this time next year!


Some reason I got $450000 happy days


4 years since I got a PS4 and got ripped off by 247 electronics haha

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Rockstar Warehouse PC/Mac Games 20% off Inc GTA V @ £19.99
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
Rockstar Warehouse PC/Mac Games 20% off Inc GTA V @ £19.99
Just seen Rockstar Warehouse has 20% off selected PC and Mac titles GTA V £19.99 LA Noire Complete Edition £19.99 Bully £7.99 + Others.
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la noire at 19.99 is a terrible Price I got it for 4.68 months ago complete edition aswell


Yeah, incredibly misleading advert but the "starting from 19.99" is the kicker. Shame. Bad luck.


That'll teach me to read it properly, not quite the deal the advert made out, actually still more expensive than other places, Sorry! Admin, please can you expire, many thanks.

GtaV zippo lighter £18.20 @ Rockstar Warehouse
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
GtaV zippo lighter £18.20 @ Rockstar Warehouse
Sorry, can't remember the delivery but it comes to around £20 and change. Genuine zippo, bought one myself on the last sale. lovely bit of memorabilia, perfect for setting fire… Read more
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​Lol this is true. I actually hate petrol lighters, but as zippos' go, it's pretty.


petrol fumes while lighting your og on your gta 5 bong would be horrible .


Wow, - 97 points? Anyone want to tell me why coz I genuinely thought it was a good deal for a zippo?

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Online: Shark Cash Cards (PC)
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Online: Shark Cash Cards (PC)
Great deal on GTA V shark cards this black Friday! Here are the deets: £1.39 - Red Shark Card GTA$100,000 (normally £1.99) £2.23 - Tiger Shark Card GTA$200,000 (normally £3.… Read more
Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise
Found 31st Oct 2015Found 31st Oct 2015
Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise
Following the release of the Halloween update this week, Grand Theft Auto V's online mode will host a special event to celebrate the holiday this weekend. This event weekend plays … Read more
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GTA Online - Lowriders out today (20/10/15)
Found 20th Oct 2015Found 20th Oct 2015
GTA Online - Lowriders out today (20/10/15)
The GTA Online Lowriders update is now ready to download. You should be able to download the new update on your system of choice right now – it’s around 1.4GB in size. PS4, Xbox O… Read more
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UK don't do low riders though


I have the disc version of this game but noticed when i installed it before it takes 4-5hrs well i want to install it on my new system can i just use the download version from rockstar social? it must be quicker then 4-5hr for the disc install.


You can buy in-game weapons, for real money and via third party sites can bet this on matches between professional teams. I keep very up to date and watch nearly all of these pro games, so I guess I manage to win just because I have a large interest in the game and feel I'm able to track when teams are playing against teams who they perform well against etc I'm by no means a 'huge' better, but I have turned a £10 value item in the game into around £5000 worth of items through what I would describe as slow and safe betting. Planning to cash it out toward a deposit on house.


ignore him hes trolling


I am also interested in how you win so easily, if you could share your secret that would be awesome bro :D

GTA V PC (Download) £26.79 @ Rockstar Warehouse
Found 14th Oct 2015Found 14th Oct 2015
GTA V PC (Download) £26.79 @ Rockstar Warehouse
33% off GTA V PC download. Doesn't seem a bad price from Rockstar themselves.

​well, hopefully that'll just work as they intend it, which is just for sad posts or inappropriate posts to like, like announcing someone's death. It's not appropriate to give it a thumbs up. Hopefully the dislike will only be used for that, otherwise it will become the biggest tool in online bullying, as unpopular kids will have everyone at school disliking their posts


Cold because I don't care for your comment.


​That will soon change ;)


I've not played any of the GTA franchise. Maybe this is cold because V has been released for what seems an eternity and the price has hardly shifted. I wont vote on a game I don't know, but perhaps people are just getting fed up with this game never being a good deal (E.g., I don't pay more than £5.00 for a PC game and I've never owned or used consoles).


Be thankful HUKD's has a cold button. People who use that FaceBook app don't have the freedom of speech to dislike anything.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Freemode Events Update
Found 15th Sep 2015Found 15th Sep 2015
Grand Theft Auto Online: Freemode Events Update
The Freemode Events Update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now available as an automatic download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This entirely new way to play GTA Online with n… Read more
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Everyone fighting over a push bike and not lasting 2 seconds on it before being shot off it, best fun I've had for a while ;-)


I dont think we are benji boy


It's almost as if we are totally different people. How strange.


I will give it a try- online got boring plus full of **** dropping UFOs on your head.


not to mention the fact that you have to get the update to play

Found 10th Jun 2014Found 10th Jun 2014

"The other three pairs of screenshots also demonstrate these improvements, along with greater draw distance. The game looked good on PS3 and Xbox 360 but the PS4/Xbox One/PC edition is a definite step up. Rockstar seems like they've put some serious effort into improving the look of Los Santos and Blaine County. Rockstar said in their official announcement today that the new versions of GTA 5 will also have greater damage detail, denser street traffic and new weather effects. The wilderness outside of Los Santos will be home to new wildlife as well. All of the GTA Online DLC released to date will be included with the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. These add-ons range from new missions to new equipment to new apartments. The included Content Creator lets players create and share their own missions. During their E3 press conference last night, Sony revealed that current GTA 5 owners will be able to carry over their GTA Online progress to the PS4 version. Rockstar confirmed today that the Xbox One and PC versions will be able to do that as well. It doesn't matter whether you currently own the Xbox 360 or PS3 edition of the game - it'll work either way. PC gamers will also get a video editor to make it easier for them to make movies. Players have already proven themselves capable of creating amazing movies on last-gen consoles, such as this Terminator 2 recreation. However, this editor should expand the possibilities even more. "


Is this basically gonna be a port or are they making all the textures higher resolution does anyone know? Apart from framerate I can't see a reason to bin the 360 version if not.



I've paid them £35 for this already. I might go to another £20 for a pretty game for my new console, but £50. Nooooooo!


Crazy price.

Grand theft auto online free update for xbox 360 and ps3
Found 7th May 2014Found 7th May 2014
Grand theft auto online free update for xbox 360 and ps3
the long awaited high life update/add on is coming next Tuesday 13th of may and its FREE on xbox 360 and ps3 gta online. this includes additional missions as well as various other … Read more
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I will take it


so this is only for gta online? not story mode?


thanks for heads up.


Everytime someone destroys my car I now have to pay for it myself? Spent 100k in one day getting my car back!


Thanks for posting this I wouldn't have got on at all on this game for maybe few months more if it wasn't for your update post :)

GTA V Online The Business Update DLC Free March 4th
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
GTA V Online The Business Update DLC Free March 4th
GTA V Online business update dlc will be released on March 4th. The Business Update will enable you to rise through the ranks of your Los Santos and Blaine County business ventures… Read more
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It would be nice ;) Some of us who's had the game since launch never have time to get online and thus can't even afford his first apartment lol.


Don't fancy sharing the wealth do you :p


Will take a look thanks


I got like 6 billion online

GTA Online Update: Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this Week  + More on way
Found 9th Dec 2013Found 9th Dec 2013
GTA Online Update: Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this Week + More on way
Nabbed from Rockstar site Get ready for lots of new content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, beginning with the launch of the free Deathmatch and Race Creators tool coming thi… Read more
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thanks for heads up on this, dont have fb/twitter so was very helpful


they sure do i hope they are going to be as good as everyone is expecting them to be


I don't even want to switch my ps3 on since getting a ps4. Was hoping the promised content would arrive before ps4 released


They need to bring out the damn heists!


At last I can now run in my apartment ;)

GTA Online 50% off Sale from Rockstar
Found 28th Nov 2013Found 28th Nov 2013
GTA Online 50% off Sale from Rockstar
Should help with the extra cash that was given recently Grab these specially discounted items in GTA Online beginning on Thursday, November 28th Taken from Rockstar Targeting … Read more
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I agree with the other comments here. GTA V online is basically broken. Between the accidentally killing your friends because you can't disable locking onto them, the invisible car/player cheaters who run you over but you can't see them and the game being completely skewed towards people who have already played for ages and have loads of money the experience is pretty much ruined. It's a shame because it wouldn't take too much to fix but I see no signs of anything changing this.


Knowing the way this place is sometimes, that is more than likely. :D


I can just see it now - "Kick in the balls - 2000°" :p


A kick in the balls is free but it doesn't make it a good thing, then again maybe I should post that as a deal. This game has been a disaster from the start that even the most die hard R* fan is struggling to support it. By April R* will have dropped all support and cancelled any forthcoming content because it won't be economically viable to maintain it. It was badly timed, badly implemented, badly moderated and badly supported. It's like R* sacked all the people involved with GTA4 and replaced them with the characters from Spongebob Squarepants. If this is the kind of standard GTA fans are going to expect from future GTA titles by R*, then it's probably worth giving the next instalment a wide berth.


Well each to his own I guess, but I still think it's pretty good considering it is FREE. I bought Starhawk 2nd hand recently, and I couldn't even access the split screen mode until I bought an online pass. The online pass cost more than the disc did. Like I said already, Rockstar could have really easily made a ton of money more on this but they chose to let you have it for nothing - even if your disc is 2nd hand. That doesn't strike me as particularly mean fisted. Just because there are microtransactions doesn't mean you HAVE to use them. I've been playing GTA Online quite a lot and having a lot of fun. It does have plenty of glitches, but they have never stopped me from enjoying what is an impressive and very ambitious feat from the 360/PS3 generation.

GTA V Beach Bum DLC Pack now available
Found 19th Nov 2013Found 19th Nov 2013
GTA V Beach Bum DLC Pack now available
Grand Theft Auto V has received its first downloadable content today, in the form of the Beach Bum pack, which includes 30 new jobs, new vehicles and weaponry for both story mode … Read more
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played yesterday i didn't get nothing to update?


They've alluded to adding in more heists for DLC further down the road. I've been completely satisfied with what I've played already.


Content creator? Heists?


What features are they adding that should have been in from the start? By definition, it's DLC ;)


They're just adding bits that should have been in the game at the beginning. Hardly a dlc pack. This is a mandatory update.

Free 500,000 GTA$ For Grand Theft Auto: Online players - Xbox 360 & PS3
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
Free 500,000 GTA$ For Grand Theft Auto: Online players - Xbox 360 & PS3
All you have to do is play GTA:O in October and download the next update (1.04) and they will give you half a million GTA$ in 2 instalments. Timing of instalments currently unknown… Read more

The death system is horrifically unforgiving. 1000 each time you die..... try to go inside the army base a couple of time and all your money is wiped out.. Some guy keeps killing, you want revenge but have no money to buy bullets as he has killed you so many times...


They haven't said when it will be arriving in people's accounts, that's why.


How can I get this $500,000 I did the 1.04 update and I have the normal cash I usually have wtf???




Thank you