Rocky Anthology: Ultimate Edition: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99 delivered
Rocky Anthology: Ultimate Edition: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99 delivered

Rocky Anthology: Ultimate Edition: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99 delivered

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What a fantastic price for this Rocky Anthology: Ultimate Edition 6dvd Box Set - now just £17.99 delivered from Hmv! This really would make a great gift!

Looking back on the Rocky phenomenon after 25 years its hard to think of a time before Sylvester Stallone but this was his first big starring role and the Rocky story was very much a reflection of his life up till that point. Stallone had written the script for Rocky and had managed to get it seen by various producers in Hollywood. They offered him a huge amount of money to buy it and had various other film stars lined up to play the part, but Sly stuck to his original idea of starring in it as well. This was his million to one shot, would the film payoff or would it flop and he'd loose everything? Of course the film was a huge hit and Stallone has become one of the most famous stars of the last 25 years. Rocky, the famous boxing film, is equally a love story about his relationship with Adrian and also a look at one mans attempts to be the best that he can be, as Rocky is given this once in a lifetime chance to attain greatness.

6DVD Box Set Contains: *Rocky - 2DVD Special Edition *Rocky 2 *Rocky 3 *Rocky 4 *Rocky 5 *Rocky: Double Disc - including special Features


Good spot Cat. Cheapest I can see elsewhere is about £25!

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Thanks emma I love the rocky films!

Woah good find, thats a decent price, i can remember when i saw the anthology last year and it was about £40, its a shame iv already got it but none the less good find :thumbsup:

*First post*

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Thanks Mrt333!! :-D Rocky got you to post ... isn't he great lol!

Big welcome to hukd's, its great to see you posting ... hope to see you around more :thumbsup:

Nice one ! My fav was Rocky III with Mr T as clubber laing....loved the film....had never seen Mr T before - he scared me senseless ! :giggle:

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had never seen Mr T before - he scared me senseless

lol! Apparently Clubber Lang is gonna be in Rocky 6 too!


yeh thats the only reason I would say to get this seeing as the 6th is coming, and they are basically just shovving the boxes out for small prices, when youd be more happy if you wait a year, and have the ENTIRE anthorlogy

Ye the Rocky's are my favourite films of all time and cant wait for #6, and as for Mr.T... Well if it wasnt for him i wouldn't have had my name .

I can't get the HMV website to load, anyone know if there is a problem?


Never mind i got it to load, eventually.

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