Rodent Cage Casita 100  £49.41 delivered at +5% quidco

Rodent Cage Casita 100 £49.41 delivered at +5% quidco

Found 28th Dec 2008
Practical Rodent Cage Casita 100 with chrome grating, includes basic accessories
Size: 96 x 57 x 56

In the extra large, roomy Casita 100 your pet will feel like a Padrone di Casa:
The divided, orange cover can be opened or closed completely or only half way. Small safety straps on the cover prevent your pet from opening the cage himself. The rounded roof of the cage offers your pet plenty of room to stretch, something all rabbits treasure.
A modern molding on the shorter side of the cage prevents gives the roof of the cage the impression of an elegant cupola roof.
A practical, sliding door on the front of the cage offers another way to open the cage. This allows you to adjust the size of the opening, reducing the risk of injury. Thus your pet can comfortably enter and exit the cage.

The cage comes with extensive accessories made of high-quality plastic, that improves life in the cage and simplifies maintenance work. The cage also comes with a hay rack that can be attached to the outside of the cage, making it easy to refill while still allowing your animal access to the food threw the grating. This causes less food waste and gives your pet more room inside the cage. You can also attach a gallery to to the width of the cage and build a sleeping house underneath. An additional, separate cover can be placed inside the cage to provide your rodent with more security and privacy. An additional, and somewhat larger bowl can be placed either next to the recessed food bowl or as a separate food dish in the cage. A water bottle (500ml) can be attached from the outside of the cage and allows your rodent access to clean, fresh water as well as allowing you to easily refill it.

Overview of advantages:

* Extra large cage with stable, plastic basin
* Simply assembly
* Can be used without the basin
* Black, Chrome grid/lattice
* divided, rounded cover with molding
* stable fasteners
* Practical sliding door
* Space saving, outer hay rack, made of plastic
* Sleeping house, spanning the width of the cage
* Sleep house has removable front wall
* Slip proof gallery
* Plastic bowl
* Large water bottle (500ml)

In one phrase: Luxury for your pet.

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Sounds like a good cage to keep Gerbils in!

agreed... this cage is way to small to keep guinea pigs in, and especially not rabbits...

we had 2 guinea pigs in a cage bigger than this, they soon became too big for it. In the end we made a cage costing less, using lino and metal squares (follow link explains better)
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