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Posted 15 May 2024

ROG Ally Z1 Extreme refurbished - instore Stanley co Durham

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Asus Rog Ally refurbished

Z1 extreme version

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  1. David_Frial's avatar
    Wanted one of these but concerns about ASUS support got me thinking twice about buying any of their products.
    plewis00's avatar
    I watched that video, I also had an ASUS ROG Ally since day one. Ok - the SD card reader is useless and ASUS are totally incompetent but beyond that, the hardware is fast and it's quite powerful and warranty claims can go through the retailer not ASUS. I am annoyed I paid £600 for this when it both dropped really fast and ASUS released an untested product, but around £300-400 it makes a really strong argument as a good handheld.
  2. beaversrus's avatar
    I'm not buying anything more from Asus.

    Discriminatory warranty on a known issue, faulty hardware via bad fuses. Support that loops.

    They've got too big for their boots and abuse their customer base. (edited)
  3. ChrisC551's avatar
    ahenners's avatar
    Absolute nonsense
  4. PhlisDee2's avatar
    Yeah the SD card issue is rubbish, the battery life is poor. But to be honest it's my daily driver, circumstances in life changed and I needed something smaller than a laptop to game. Docked it's a full PC and a good one at that. I can do everything on the that I did on my laptop, it'll do me until life permits me to get a gaming laptop again. When buying you need to keep in mind that it's a PC and not a console, if your tech savvy then this is immense. Just don't buy this if you want the console experience, buy a Steam Deck
    noahsdad's avatar
    If you want the retro tech experience and to be in the past, buy a Steam Deck.
  5. reubenno's avatar
    Asus are becoming more and more horrendous, I'd avoid anything Asus moving forwards.

    The Steam Deck is less powerful but it's a much more complete and streamlined experience.
    noahsdad's avatar
    @reubenno what you talking about dude. The Steam Deck had more issues at release than any handheld console in history.Its superseded old tech now and the past.
  6. mrjackson90's avatar
    Came boxed but without the carry case (which I think you get with a new one)

    Just setting up now appears brand new so far (edited)
    Pingu_NOOTNOOTMF's avatar
    It does not come with a carry case. That's a separate purchase.
  7. wonkothesane's avatar
    Be aware that Asus are about to announce an updated Ally on June 2nd.
    Rumours say:-
    * 40% larger battery
    * Moved MicroSD slot away from the exhaust vent
    * M.2-2280 NVMe SSD bay (increased from M.2-2242, so up to 4TB SSD can be fitted)
    * Possibly more RAM

    Owwy's avatar
    Price likely $799 though, although it may well have a knock on effect on the other systems.
  8. Michael_JonesVFm's avatar
    Hot on price, cold on the company
  9. Funkmeister_'s avatar
    Bought the Legion Go for £700 and still think it's more worth it than this Ally. I'd rather have a machine that works than a cheap one with flaws and in need of repair every now and then
  10. masterofimages's avatar
    No brainer at this price, especially if you have game pass.
  11. JohnAbraham's avatar
    Probably nothing wrong with it. Customer returned due to frustration of updating. Bargain at that price. A handheld pc.
  12. s_QEk's avatar
    What uses do these hand held consoles have thse days? I get the psp was ahead of its time back in the day, but where would you use this at home over a laptop/pc? How long does the battery last whilst gaming?
    Cantona007's avatar
    Where would you use at home over a pc/laptop? Playing while lying on a couch or bed with TV on in the background
  13. kobirulali's avatar
    Windows 11 ROFL
    beaversrus's avatar
    Yes that is the exact edition
  14. komi's avatar
    I got mine for £330 refurbed from ebay, SD card reader did die out, took 7 days in total for the repair which includes collection and delivery. Think they changed the mobo on this and the SD card has been running good so far. Thought it was a quick fast service. Didn't need to put the device in a box as they came with an empty padded box to put it in.
  15. MarcoLoves360's avatar
    I didn't knew Argos had refurbished items, where do you find them?
  16. Richard_Brooke's avatar
    Just rang the store. They said they have a few in stock. Heading over there after work. (edited)
    Pingu_NOOTNOOTMF's avatar
    Too late. I went there and purchased all of them
  17. PS5's avatar
    Hmm, I would consider one of these as my home PC, but then be mobile for emulation gaming on the sofa etc.. It needs to be sub £300 for me to bite.
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