Roger Subirana Mata - XII [Beautiful Piano Soundtrack Album]  - Download Free @ Jamendo

Roger Subirana Mata - XII [Beautiful Piano Soundtrack Album] - Download Free @ Jamendo

Found 11th Dec 2013
Exceptionally Beautiful New Album From Roger Subirana Mata From Barcelona .Have A Look At The Youtube Clip ..See What You Think Hope You Like It !!!!

1.Between Worlds 05:09
2.Fiery Tales 03:19
3.The Orchestral Point of no Return 04:49
4.Evolicity 04:09
5.Hymn to Peace 04:19
6.In the Air 03:36
7.Midnight Poison 04:45
8.Tears of Smile 04:01
9.Labyrinth 04:11
10.The Floating Stones 04:41
11.The Ghost 05:24
12.The Drop 04:38
13.Between Worlds (Vocal version - Bonustrack) 04:46
14.Hymn to Peace (Ethno Remix - Bonustrack) 03:28
15.Dragons (Celtic version - bonustrack)
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If You Like His Music.
His Other Albums Are Free To Download Here…ata

Roger Subirana is a composer born in 1978 in Vilafranca Penedes (Near Barcelona), a beautiful city, located in an important wine and sparkling wine region in Catalonia, a leading and historic region of Spain. He is married to the singer Esther Lopez. Self-taught, he began composing his own creations at the early age of 12. Although he performs in live concerts, Roger considers himself a composer rather than a performer. During all these years, he has issued a great variety of styles: classical music, jazz, New Age, Celtic , electronic, and techno music, as well as Drum'n Bass, Symphonic Rock... Cinema Soundtracks, TV, theatre, Dance shows. His compositional work also excels in the field of advertising. His music has been part of major international brands such as Shiseido, Nissan, Inverse or Ducati.
Therefore, it is quite difficult to pigeonhole him into a specific style. His songs are small soundtracks, and in some compositions the voice is with no doubt used as a pure instrument. For this reason, the lyric is phonetic and has no meaning at all. The “letter” just enhances its musicality. Roger Subirana defines himself as “a composer of Instrumental & Phonetic music".

In his official discography (contains 8 CDs 2002-2013), we can enjoy his most personal pieces of music, that he has managed to create a very personal and experiential musical journal but also express through music, a wide range of feelings, experienced at different stages of his life. Because of this proximity, his music easily connects with the soul of the person listening to it. The music critic R.J. Lannan (New Age Reporter / Zone Music Reporter) is reported to have said of him: "The Ability to turn lucid dreams into reality musical is reserved for the gifted".

Over the years he has had several awards, among which the winner of the Jamendo Awards for Best World Music artist (2011) and the nomination in the Hollywod Music in Media Awards in Los Angeles in 2013.

In his concerts plays several instruments. Piano, synths, keyboards, Native American flute, percussion, kalimba and two original instruments created by himself: "The Butáphono and Tankophono". Also sometimes performs musical experiments involving the public in improvised musical creations in the same concert.

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Thanks i have listened to the music in a few of your posts and enjoyed it.
Have some heat.

Thanks i have listened to the music in a few of your posts and enjoyed … Thanks i have listened to the music in a few of your posts and enjoyed it.Have some heat.

Many Thanks I trawl Through A Lot Before I Post
I Try To Post Music That Folks Will Like
Glad You Like His Music

Best Wishes

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