Rogerblack Running Hydration and Hi-Viz Gift Pack - £15.95 Delivered @ Amazon
Rogerblack Running Hydration and Hi-Viz Gift Pack - £15.95 Delivered @ Amazon

Rogerblack Running Hydration and Hi-Viz Gift Pack - £15.95 Delivered @ Amazon

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Product Description
Running Hydration and Hi-Viz Gift Pack. This is your chance to grab a superb gift pack. This is great to help you re-hydrate during your run by using the hydration pack or the running bottle and the snap band helps to keep you safe and seen in low light conditions.Hydration Pack - With comfy carrying straps sits nicely on the back whilst running.Water bottle - helps to hydrate you on the move with an easy hold handle.Flashing LED Hi-Viz Light - strap goes over arm to help you be seen in low light and night-time conditions.A perfect hydration pack to help you when out running in the heat or at night. Hydration is a very important factor in your performance so keep on top of it!

Haven't found any review on this specific item though. Rogerblack seems to have got a lot of good reviews. Found this when I was looking for reviews for Asaklitt Hydration Rucksack posted by broadyo796.

highly grateful if someone experienced in using hydration rucksacks can advise which one to get for running in the peak and the lake districts. bought a camelbak but was disappointed because the straps keep loosening!

thanks in advance!


Looking at it, its exactly the same design/size/shape as a Camelbak Siren I have.

I've got 3 Camelbak's of different styles which I use for Mountain Biking and never had any issues with the straps coming lose, even when fully loaded with fluids and food/spares. That said, running is possibly more jarring to the straps?

Good deal in my opinion.

For running rucksacks I don't think you can beat OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) packs. I've got the classic 25L and can highly recommend it. They're quite pricey - typically £50 for the 25L classic + the cost of a bladder (there's a pouch and fittings for one but no bladder included with this model) - but IMHO well worth the money. When adjusted correctly and by making use of the vast number of compression straps, it stays really snug and stable on your back and has lots of nicely thought out features. (like the zipped pockets on the waist strap for easy access to gels etc).

They do one that's primarily a hydration pack (called the OMM-i-drate I think) but I don't have any first hand experience of that one. If it's anywhere near as good as the Classic it will be great though.

I am the King of Hi-Viz..........


I am the King of Hi-Viz..........

congratulations.you must the light up the room every time you enter eh?

So does this include the bladder or is it just a rucksack, bottle and hi viz strap?

Has anyone actually got one of these? if so what do you think?

looks like people are voting hot for no reason! Unless your all experts in backpacks! idiots! looks like a mark up to make you think it's a good deal. and it doesn;t starte if you bet the rbladder (well spotted "dajoebomb") so for that reason.... I'm out!
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