Rogue Warrior (PS3) £4.99 delivered @ Play.com
Rogue Warrior (PS3) £4.99 delivered @ Play.com

Rogue Warrior (PS3) £4.99 delivered @ Play.com

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Play as Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko - a real-life American badass and founder of the elite SEAL Team 6. His defiant, crude, and sometimes ruthless behavior has earned him both glory and infamy in the history books. Now you take on his explosive nature as you engage in a blacker-than-black special ops mission behind the iron curtain. Go against the rules of conventional warfare to get the job done by any means necessary in this action-packed first-person shooter.


It's crap. And i mean CRAP, not cheesy crap in a good way, as some games are. I loved Soldier of Fortune on the PS3 despite the really poor reviews, so i thought this would be more of the same sort of thing, how VERY wrong i was. Gfx are OK, but the gameplay is mindnumbingly boring and unexciting.

Not voted on the deal either way, as i can't really knock the price if you really must get this game.

A load of rubbish is this. Much better games to be had, even for a fiver.


only got 27% @ … only got 27% @ metacritichttp://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-3/rogue-warriornot voted.

My word not a single positive critic review on metacritic that is one of lowest scores I've seen.

Cheap tho so not voted
Edited by: "rellymr" 22nd Dec 2010

Terrible game, great credits!

The quicklook on this page is the best thing about the game:

lol i would call it crap too, tho i feel its not even that good to class as crap lol the game is really that bad! played it for 5 mins feel robbed that i even put that much time in!

Seriously, very bad game dont spend a fiver on this!

Voted cold because it is a waste of money! Get another game off steam or something!

Avoid like the bubonic plague! Terrible game!

Great game it's what cod should have been, it's a definite mario kart killer bit of a cross between the two

took my girlfriends brother about three hours to complete i think he said...

Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko - a real-life American badass

Kid Rock might have something to say about that
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