Roku 2 - £14.98 - instore Currys

Roku 2 - £14.98 - instore Currys

Found 22nd Oct 2017
Went into Currys today to see if I could find some of the roku sticks for £7 and managed to come across this instead. Thought it was a bargain marked down to £29.97 and then realised when I went to bought it it was in the 1/2 price off marked price section so got it for £14.98

Unsure if it's national or if I just got lucky but worth a look.
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No 4k
Making way for Next Gen models still good though
Lucky you
Good find. it's a good box for your 2nd TV without 4K :-) . I mean, who can afford TWO 4K TVs?
I prefer the IR remote here to the one for the stick too, which seems to be intermittent
Has anyone found these in any stores or was it store specific?
I can't understand how/why everywhere is still selling these anyway.

Roku made the Roku 3 after this, yet almost nowhere seemed to stock it. They have also since made a handful of others, but again try finding them here.

Some kept the Roku 3 for a limited time but yet almost always had (and still have) a surplus of the Roku 2 at hand. Anyone know the issue with the lack of Roku 3's?
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