Role Models - £2.99 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

Role Models - £2.99 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

Found 13th Feb 2010Made hot 13th Feb 2010
IN-CINEMA ONLY. Next best is £4.98 at Amazon UK.

Role Models is an hilarious comedy starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott as Danny and Wheeler. The pair play two irresponsible salesmen who avoid jail and get 150 service hours mentoring misfit kids after going on an energy-drink bender and totalling a company truck. However, after one day mentoring the kids, the jail sentence option soon starts to look appealing!

The immature 'man-child's' are assigned two children to mentor. The recently dumped Danny is given the geeky and shy Augie, who he needs help to become a man and Wheeler is given Ronnie, the foul-mouthed fifth-grader. But are Danny and Wheeler really the right role models for the job? Probably not! Never-the-less, the guys must shape up and shape up fast, or else they could end up being thrown into jail - if they pull this off, maybe there's hope for the boys, you never know!


Heat and Rep, off to see Wolfman tonight and will try and grab one.


great movie!

In asda, this is in their 3 for £9 deal.. so technically can be had for £3 from Asda aswell.


this is one funny film! shame i bought it when it first came out tho- excellent price; heat added

A good mikey take of the WOW lol

well worth the price
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