Roll-a-Rounds Drop and Roar Dinosaur - £14.99 (was £29.99) @ Argos !!

Roll-a-Rounds Drop and Roar Dinosaur - £14.99 (was £29.99) @ Argos !!

Found 16th Jun 2008
The Drop & Roar Dinosaur has 4 pre-historic themed rounds that feature little baby creatures, each with unique action.

Lively tunes and lights begin when baby drops rounds down one of four coloured paths, each leading to a new activity.

The blue path sends a round sliding down the Dino's tail, the yellow path is a drop through chute, the orange path features ramps and a swinging pendulum, and the purple path sends a round down the dino's neck, out the mouth as he roars for more.

A twirling butterfly, a rattle bird and spinning dinosaur add to the fun with 10 songs and 5 sound effects to encourage and entertain baby.

Requires 3 x AA batteries (not supplied).

For ages 6 months and over.
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Thanks, H+R added. Just went and got one.
This is a great price. I really, really wanted one for my little boy when he was about 6 months old (18 months ago) but they were £39.99 in toysrus at that point!
Thanks for this - my little boy is only 6 weeks old but getting bargain toys in now when money isn't so tight is always a bonus.
Demo of features available here: ]http//ww…924
Thanks OP. We were leant one of these for our first, and timing is just right for our second to get stuck in during the coming months.
Just picked up one for my 7 mth old. Thanks for post. :thumbsup:
These were THE toy of the year at Christmas 3 yrs ago and sold out absolutely everywhere. I stumbled across 3 of them at the back of a shelf in Makro for £25 each, and they sold on Ebay for an average of £80! I'd planned on keeping one for my son's first birthday at the time, but when the first 2 sold on Ebay, I decided I could buy him far more for the £80 than just a dinosaur and so sold that too, but going to try and get one of these now if they're still available for the new baby. Thanks!
Anyone know where i can buy this toy from?
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