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Various style shoes for £30 + £3.99 delivery @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
30 pairs of shoes at for £30 each. Mainly DC and Etnie's Great deal loads of sizes, mine are already processed.
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Really like the ones in the op thanks for sharing @BentempSlimCaulfield my other half loves their trainers i know he had some similar to the Tonik's before, might just get him some for Christmas (y)


Crikey, I remember getting their catalogue through the post as a teenager. Nice blast from the past.


Nice selection of sizes and quite a bit of choice in styles I really don't need any more trainers but the DC are tempting me

Element Hoodie Optic White £16 + £3.99 delivery @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 10th Mar 2019Posted 10th Mar 2019
Element Hoodie Optic White £16 + £3.99 delivery @ Rollersnakes£16£5571%
Available at rollersnakes. £3.99 delivery or free collection from the Derby Warehouse.
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Cheers for this. Ordered!


Not the thing to wear while changing the knock sensor in a turbocharged Subaru neither!


I wouldn’t want to spill my curry down that.


Haha I see what you mean (lol) (lol) good old autocorrect


That WEARhouse tho

decks starting at £15 (+£3.99 standard delivery) @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 13th Feb 2019Posted 13th Feb 2019
decks starting at £15 (+£3.99 standard delivery) @ Rollersnakes£15
I have bought the pink pineapple a while ago for £20 and now its down to £15 and I think I will get me another one as I love it. Rollersnakes are doing some other deals as well, gr… Read more

Nice Jaws deck for £18 for the collection sweet.


Cheers few bits n bobs ordered.


Damn this is a real good sale.

Darkstar Faded Youth Prem Midi Complete Red/Black - 7.375" - £38.99 @ rollersnakes (including £3.95 delivery)
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Darkstar Faded Youth Prem Midi Complete Red/Black - 7.375" - £38.99 @ rollersnakes (including £3.95 delivery)£38.99
Decent skateboard for kids 6-12. Great for the price. Also avaliable on their amazon store, but the mods didn't want me posting that one. Free postage on £50 spend, so in theory … Read more

Thanks bud, all the best


no problem mate and good luck to the little man.


Well I've took the plunge and bought the board on the assumption that it's a decent deal and genuinely lower in price than it would be normally, any pointers on pads and helmet are still much appreciated Thanks folks


hi thanks for answering back, I've been doing some reading regarding board sizes and from what i can garner anywhere between 7 1/4 and 7 3/4 is ideal for him, it would be too try do tricks etc more so than cruising, we have a skate park recently built by the council so he has somewhere to go but we have no dedicated shops any where near us apart from a travel to a sportsdirect but i wouldn't give them the time of day never mind cash, wouldn't get any decent advice from them anyway Thanks for helping, much appreciated


No worries and happy to help. I think alot of pads are similar and aslong as they aren't doing anything like half pipes you'll get away with pretty much anything (my 6 year old has some sports direct/no fear ones) . A bike helmet would probably suffice until they get used to the balance (although they may not want to be seen in one). As far as boards go, you need to think about what they want it for. Cruiser styles are much easier to skate, but you obviously can't do tricks on them like the board posted. Aslong as your kid isn't crazy big for a 10 year old you'd get away with that board for a few years (which is fine at that price point) . If they are bigger you may want to look at the smaller adult size ones (7.5/6ish). Theres plenty of size charts online, but the best people to talk to are your local skate store.

Skateboard decks from £20 (spend ove £50 for free delivery, otherwise £3 extra)
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Posted 18th Jun 2018Posted 18th Jun 2018
Skateboard decks from £20 (spend ove £50 for free delivery, otherwise £3 extra)£20
Very fond of the shop and the decks that are now on offer are superb as well, personally went for Almos 8.125 Yogi and Muttley. Shamefully broke my heel the day I have ordered them… Read more

thanks kos1c, I have been skating Darkstar, Blind and Enuff and cannot feel a major difference (am not as experienced tho). This will be my first time with Almost and I am hoping that you are wrong about them. I love Enuff for their price, quality is ok I guess, I do like to keep my options open and be able to skate different things and this is a good option for that, overpriced decks in UK are something I do not appreciate. I am a huge fan of Toy Machine, something about their decks makes them really comfortable to skate for me. I would also want to hit Deathwish one day. Another one I am after is Revive, unfortunately the price of those is scary and I am not skilled enough to justify getting one :P


I saw this on Facebook the other day. Blind, dark Star, almost and world Ind, all use the same Chinese maple wood which I've been put off from. After buying an Almost deck years ago when they did rainbow construction ply. My deck fell apart in 10 days due to being strips of ply wood and not sheets off it. I used then buy expensive decks but switched down to the Enuff brand. They got a great shape, loads of pop and the deck length is over 32" from tail to nose (I've had 31.6" boards and had to sell em as it's too short in length for me). Those Enuff decks can be had for as little as £15 on skatehut during their sales. Just be careful , Enuff also do real budget decks as well. Like the 8ply cheap stuff, the one I linked above are their standard board range. 7 ply construction. I've been skating 15 years now, and I would recommend Enuff over anything else due to cost, shape, and especially length (my prefer board size is 8.25 by 32.1).

£25 decks at rollersnakes (+£3 standard delivery unless spending over £50)
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Posted 21st Feb 2018Posted 21st Feb 2018
£25 decks at rollersnakes (+£3 standard delivery unless spending over £50)£25
Great price on other items at rollersnakes as well, heathen wheels @ £13,


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Skateboard Decks starting at £20 / £23 delivered @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
Skateboard Decks starting at £20 / £23 delivered @ Rollersnakes£20
Nothing more to add, huge deal on decks (if you know what you are buying, this is a great deal).

Damn, I used to have their catalogue mailed to me. Hello nostalgia.


(y) <3 You get one upzooot from me just for reminding me about Rollersnakes! I could only remember RouteOne and Warped. Makes me remember the good ol' days.

Rollersnakes £5 Sale
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Posted 14th Jan 2017Posted 14th Jan 2017
Rollersnakes £5 Sale
Everything for £5 each Some relatively decent stuff in there, shoes included, all skateboarding merch. Great if ya got kids
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£25 = cap, vest,tshirt,2 pairs of shoes bargain. don't forget £3 shipping under 50. great find




If your a size 6.5 in shoes there's some bargains! but to be fair, alot of nice stuff for a fiver..heat added


Believe post is like £3-4 for under £50 spend. I couldn't find anything I needed on the sale unfortunately.


Very cool, I remember ordering stuff from Rollersnakes 15 years ago. We used to go mad for the catalogue you'd get in music magazines. Nu metal really bred that culture of skate fashion and half of us didn't even own a skateboard.

Rollersnakes 25 Shoes at £25 (Brands - DC, Etnies, Osiris) @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
Rollersnakes 25 Shoes at £25 (Brands - DC, Etnies, Osiris) @ Rollersnakes£25
Got a email from Rollersnakes as they doing a offer for good brands of shoes (DC, Etnies and Osiris) for £25 each. Postage is £3 if under 50 however if you buy 2 pairs its free p… Read more
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"*Your delivery date will be confirmed at checkout. Separate rates apply for Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland and Remote areas." :(


I dont read it as that anymore hahah. my bad


I read this as 25 shoes for £25 haha

DGK Working Man 3 Chino Shorts Humboldt Camo (delivery £3) at Rollersnakes for £20.57
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Posted 28th Dec 2016Posted 28th Dec 2016
DGK Working Man 3 Chino Shorts Humboldt Camo (delivery £3) at Rollersnakes for £20.57£20.57
Top branded pair of shorts. HOT for those who like branded goods. Delivery is £3 or free if you reach a threshold.
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DGK Haters With Motivation Vest Tank White @ Rollersnakes (delivery £3)
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Posted 26th Dec 2016Posted 26th Dec 2016
DGK Haters With Motivation Vest Tank White @ Rollersnakes (delivery £3)£5.78
Motivational vest, ordered to **** off the haters. Epic.
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H8er LOL


Rubbish deal, hate it.

Flip Dotted Line Long Sleeve Shirt Black £1.50 (Delivery £3) Size Small @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 25th Dec 2016Posted 25th Dec 2016
Flip Dotted Line Long Sleeve Shirt Black £1.50 (Delivery £3) Size Small @ Rollersnakes£1.50
Not bad if you can get free delivery! A top skateboarding brand shirt for £1.50? Epic.
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Small only

DON'T FORGET THE IN-LAWS THIS CHRISTMAS: Volcom Faded Flower Swimsuit Army - £28.65 Delivered @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 21st Dec 2016Posted 21st Dec 2016
DON'T FORGET THE IN-LAWS THIS CHRISTMAS: Volcom Faded Flower Swimsuit Army - £28.65 Delivered @ Rollersnakes£28.65
Don't forget about the in-laws this Christmas. Excellent present :p Or makes a great present for the wife, gf etc..
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LOL epic spot


Model needs to work on her hands, she looks like she's doing a part time apprenticeship in construction. X)


I like this. Especially as it has gone down from 69. I just can't help it - on spectrum.




Great for a picnic with the removable cups!

Look ahead to summer: Volcom Lido Solid Boardshorts Navy Blue £10.98 rollersnakes
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Posted 20th Dec 2016Posted 20th Dec 2016
Look ahead to summer: Volcom Lido Solid Boardshorts Navy Blue £10.98 rollersnakes£10.98
Great stocking filler, super high-quality item, one of the best brand board shorts you can get. This is a genuine sale as Volcom seldom have steep sales. There are plenty of other … Read more
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Huge Clothing sale @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 10th Sep 2016Posted 10th Sep 2016
Huge Clothing sale @ Rollersnakes£7
clothing sale starts now. Full of heavy discounts and crazy multi-buy deals, this is not to be missed. Pick up a bargain from the likes of DC Shoes, Santa Cruz skateboards, Volcom… Read more

Still expensive. Footwear only £3 (yes £3 off full price) not a real sale.

Osiris NYC 83 Vulc Charcole/Gun/Teal £9 + £3 del @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 28th Jun 2016Posted 28th Jun 2016
Osiris NYC 83 Vulc Charcole/Gun/Teal £9 + £3 del @ Rollersnakes£9
Rollersnakes are currently selling these NYC 83 High top trainers for only £9! There are 5 different sizes left.

its daft. They should honor the price they put up on the site. But atleast they apologised and gave out a refund


Just a mistake, at least they had the courtesy to email me and let me know, normally with pricing mistakes they just refund.


Terrible company . ordered, paid ,refunded If you don't want to sell, don't list at that price!!!!


Thank you for your order. My apologies but unfortunately due to an unforeseen error on our site the shoes you ordered were actually listed at the wrong price. Unfortunately we are unable to sell these shoes for £9.00 as they should have been listed at £45.00 I have now issued you a refund for the order


ok its expired. that was quick haha

Santa cruz Homer Skateboard deck £29.40 (+£1.99 postage) @ Amazon/Rollersnakes Ltd
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Posted 18th Jun 2014Posted 18th Jun 2014
Santa cruz Homer Skateboard deck £29.40 (+£1.99 postage) @ Amazon/Rollersnakes Ltd£29.40
Simpsons x Santa Cruz co-lab board Size 10inch by 31.4inch A parody deck of the classic 1984 Santa Cruz Skateboards graphic Rob Roskopp 1

COLD,,,,, doesn't have ALVA on the deck, and no 70mm kryptonics (red), and 10" tracker trucks :p Not that I'm old or anything :{ :p Actually - voted hot for the nostalgia value/ OMG just looked at what an alva deck is going for on fleebay, gutted, thieving bloody bin men (back in the day)


£1.99 for postage is a great price

jennypenny Simpsons x Santa Cruz co-lab complete £38.80 + £1.99 for P&PSize 10.5inch by 27.5inchIt's a Duff can. It's a skateboard. It's the "Duff Can" skateboardSuper wide deck, Krux The Man Trucks and soft OJ 60mm 78A Hot Juice wheels

jennypenny £26.25 for the Homer Head board + £1.99 for P&P

Etnies Rvs Trainers £14.95 + £3.95 delivery @ Rollersnakes!
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Posted 5th Mar 2012Posted 5th Mar 2012
Etnies Rvs Trainers £14.95 + £3.95 delivery @ Rollersnakes!£18.90
Wide range of sizes available from 6 to 11 $79 on the Etnies website There is a shop so it is available instore but there is only one shop and it's some where in Derby Info: This … Read more

Theyre great but the 10s i ordered are too big for hubby, if anyone wants to swap a 9 for a 10 let me know :)


Size 11 fit perfectly. Black laces are hip and happenin'


Ordered mine Tuesday arrived 10 AM Wednesday morning and only paid standard delivery charge. Size 8 fit brilliant, fantastic value. For all the moaning t***s that complain about delivery charge you remind me of the person invited to an orgy who complained about the buffet! Perhaps you'd prefer to go and drive into town, pay the parking charge and probably not get these shoes at such a good price.


Mine arrived this morning... next day delivery when I paid for the cheaper option :) They look much better with the black laces provided... I am a size 11 ... ordered a size 11... and they fit like a size 11 for the size queries above.


Not really needed but got anyway heat added

Lakai Manchester mo select boys size 1 skate shoes £10plus £3.95 P+P @Rollersnakes
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Posted 2nd Mar 2012Posted 2nd Mar 2012
Lakai Manchester mo select boys size 1 skate shoes £10plus £3.95 P+P @Rollersnakes£10
Bought these shoes for my boys and they are the best trainers they have had. Total bargain at this price
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Etnies Vancouver cargo pants £6 reduced from £45 + £ 3.95 postage @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 1st Mar 2012Posted 1st Mar 2012
Etnies Vancouver cargo pants £6 reduced from £45 + £ 3.95 postage @ Rollersnakes£6
Etnies Vancouver cargo pants 87% off, £45 down to £6 plus £3.95 delivery Lots of sizes available 28" to 36" waists

i received mine today. thanks op for posting the link


nope nothing recieved yet


anyone received anything yet?


Yeah, maybe their stock level glitch hadn't occurred when you looked earlier. I ordered around 8 p.m. on Thursday.


cool. fingers crossed. i ordered 33/32 after 12 am and still havent received any thing from them - a call or item!:)