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Rolling Rock Beer lager 4 X 330ml Bottles Asda - £1.98
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Rolling Rock Beer lager 4 X 330ml Bottles Asda - £1.98

Posted 2nd Oct 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

more cheap beer @ asda

rolling rock beer

4 x 330ml £1.98 or £1.50 p/l

it says Percentage Alcohol: 2.8% but google says 4.5 avb

Product Code: 3673217
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2.8%!!!! Pfft
If it says 2.8% then this will likely be Rolling Rock Extra Pale which I ordered from Asda a while back (thinking it was the normal stuff) and it was 2.8% - It's alright as long as you know what you're getting!
Not bad for a driving beer.

Not bad for a driving beer.

Not good for a beer!!! If you wanna drive drink this or some J20...Real beer has alcohol in it!!! This stuff used to taste lovely but now if I have 13 cans of Carlberg and drink my own urine - it's about the same.
Perfect for the kids pack lunches for school
Roling rock USED to be an ok beer, it's no longer brewed in Old Latrobe, and the alcohol content was lowered.

It is now 2.8% op

it's also been cheaper than this, and 1.98 for 4 is not far from the usual price these days

2.8%!!!! Pfft

At 2.8% it certainly won't get you Pfft.
AVGN anyone?
Drink the rolling rock, while you're on the roll & rocker


this is the shandy version....but the full strength beer is v tasty
A mid-strength beer, suitable for those driving and better tasting than the 0% beers around. Still not a patch on the usual strength, can you even still buy it or is this the market theyve now gone for?
Oh - and thats not condoning drinking and driving by the way.
Rolling Rock = Lager flavoured water.
I always liked this in the past, so for under 50p a bottle it's worth a go. Hope it's still a crisp taste and gotta be chilled. Not strong but if I want steamed then it's onto the cider or spirits. Thanks for posting.

Drink the rolling rock, while you're on the roll & rocker

Jesus H Wept.

Wtf is that thing?
2.8% of pi$$ to take advantage of the lower tax/duty on alcohol thats 2.8% or less.

Not for me thanks.
I got some a while ago and it is the cooking lager version I'm afraid....
As Rolling Rock has been my choice of drink for many years, have to say that there is very little difference between the 2.8% and regular strength in terms of taste. It's a lovely pale, light refreshing lager.

They no longer brew the regular strength Rolling Rock in Europe anymore - only specialist beer importers can get this - although if you know people that work on US military bases in UK, they can get it from base shops!
Used to drink Rolling Rock years ago when it was imported. Then the taste changed never bought any since it was brewed in europe.
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