Rolling Stones Gift Pack Crystal Head Vodka Limited edition £60 @ (+ £4.95 Delivery per order) - £64.95

Rolling Stones Gift Pack Crystal Head Vodka Limited edition £60 @ (+ £4.95 Delivery per order) - £64.95

Found 11th Nov 2014
Nice set to have. Cheaper than anywhere I looked for!
£60 + £4.95 shipping

Crystal Head Vodka - the Official Vodka of the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

A limited number of these special edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary sets are available and make the perfect gift for any Rolling Stones or Crystal Head Vodka fan. This beautifully designed pack is a collector’s item and whoever you bestow the gift upon will struggle to decide whether to keep the contents of the box pristine and untouched; or to sip the exceptional vodka to sounds of never previously released versions of their favourite Rolling Stones tracks. The contents of the pack include: Stunning handcrafted display case featuring a real zipper – recalling the Sticky Fingers album legendary cover One bottle of Crystal Head Vodka (70cl) Double CD compilation of live recordings spanning five decades of The Rolling Stones, digitally re-mastered to deliver the ultimate live concert Rolling Stones engraved decanter top Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary bottle sticker
A Unique and Collectable Double CD of Live Recordings

The exclusive double CD features a collection of live hits from the band’s legendary career, sequenced and re-mastered into an incredible listening experience. The CD tracks are as follows: DISC ONE Brown Sugar, Let’s Spend The Night Together, Shattered, Paint It Black, Gimme Shelter, Wild Horses, Shine A Light , Rocks Off, Miss You DISC TWO Beast Of Burden, Angie, Under My Thumb, Start Me Up, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Sympathy For The Devil.
Exceptional Quality Vodka

Many people think of vodka as a thing you make and sell. And so they look for the most efficient and profitable ways to do this; for them, vodka production is commerce and utility. At Crystal Head we believe something different. We believe that Vodka is (or should be) the ultimate pure spirit. And we believe that Crystal Head represents the closest anyone has come to achieving that ambition. As the standard-bearer for what vodka should be, we have reset the bar for purity. In terms of the water, the ingredients, the process, even the completely clear vessel. Our promise to you is that we will always produce a product that exalts and embodies this pure spirit, made with the purest ingredients and the purest processes, and delivering the pure experience of drinking one of the world’s great vodkas.
Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander – The Founders

Dan Aykroyd is a well-known actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist; a believer in what he calls the "invisible world" where otherworldly presences are a "form of reality as valid as our normal reality." Partner and veteran fine artist John Alexander has exhibited extensively in the United States and around the world. Together, they were avid researchers of the legend of the 13 crystal heads. And from this inspiration, an idea was born...Crystal Head Vodka.
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Heat given.
Quidco though I found it difficult. Got there. Heat. Thanks for posting freitas_almeida. My husband is a massive Stone's Fan x
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In order to obtain Quidco I had to do a search for voucher codes. Quidco was there about 4th in list. I could not get it using Quidco Site. Strange!
Not a new price, paid this for this promo pack a few months ago.
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