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Posted 10 October 2022

Rolson 28110 2 pc Mains Tester, £2 @ Amazon

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Rolson 28110 2 pc Mains Tester, £2 @ Amazon

About this item
  • Both with plain slot blade, insulated blade sheath and transparent plastic handles
  • Test range: 100 - 250V
  • Size: 190 x 3.5mm and 140 x 3mm

Product Description
Rolson offers a wide range of tools that are suitable from everyday use by the DIY enthusiast to on-the-job professionals. Our seal of approval allows you to feel confident that your chosen product has been manufactured to international standards, which comes well presented in the Rolson branded packaging. Rolson are constantly aiming to increase and improve their catalogue by introducing the most exciting, innovative and reliable products possible without compromising on their values of quality and safety.

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    Ahh, the old deathdriver rears it's ugly and potentially lethal head once again.

    As a screwdriver these are useless. As a Mains Tester they're potentially lethal.

    These should be confined to the dustbins of history.

    Voted cold.
    Should be band them things 
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    These used to be the only thing that was available, therefore before new tech became available these would have been a perfectly reasonable tester.

    Personally i haven't any trouble with them, and they are useful for replacing switch covers etc too.
    Used many times.
    My dad's used these for many years to do simple DIY jobs eg changing plug sockets and they have done the job fine.
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    The type of person who would use one of these should stay away from electricity.
    They will after they used one lol
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    Yeah - good luck with putting your trust in one of these. May as well lick your fingers & poke them in the socket. (Obviously don't try that at home kids.)
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  6. Avatar
    A likely scenario using these .

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  8. Avatar
    These tools sound shocking!
  9. Avatar
    They've been £2 for a very long time
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    These are 'shocking', mind you all Rolson tools are truly awful. Buy cheap, buy twice.
    If you're messing with electricity, either use the proper tools or contact a professional. Is your life really that cheap?
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    I've used mains tester screwdrivers dozens of times and I haven't had any problems with them. If we were talking about using a normal screwdriver some of these comments would make sense, but the fact is that mains test screw drivers are designed for the purpose so the comments are nonsense.

    Hey, you do 'you'. If you wish to trust this device, then crack on.

    There's reasons why these aren't to be found in a sentient person's toolbag.

    If you trust your life to one of these, and consequently remove yourself from the gene pool, then humanity will be fractionally better off. Certainly smarter.
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    Never works