Rolson 4 Piece Motion Sensor Alarm £4.99 from B&M

Rolson 4 Piece Motion Sensor Alarm £4.99 from B&M

Found 17th Feb 2014
Wireless PIR Alarm that is ideal for Homes, Sheds or Garages.
Simple to install and includes wall mountable PIR
Detection Range - 6m
105 db Audible Alarm
Supplied with Two Remote Keys
Includes 3 X LR44 Batteries
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oh sounds interesting anyone tried these?
I have similar. in general it works :-)
I had one, it went in the bin because it constantly give false alarms, read a lot of similar reports on Amazon.

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Ideal for a shed but hey would anyone want to buy a £4.99 product to protect their house??

Hot for the price BTW
bought a similar thing from Aldi a few years back for my shed, works fine.
Similar device delivered for £4.85 at Amazon
got one in the garage
hard wired it to mains as batteries run down quickly
works enough to make anyone breaking in run pretty fast
I bought one of these for from ebay £4.49 delivered last week…899 I'm pleased. This therefore is not such a hot price
Or at £4.49 on ebay, not same brand though…c83
these are good,very loud but have to change the batteries about 3 times a year and thats with duracell
Can you cover up the light above the PIR to disguise it a bit so a potential criminal can't see where it's situated in the dark and disable it?
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