Romancing the Stone AND Jewel of the Nile DVD boxset - £3.98 @ Amazon (and HMV)

Romancing the Stone AND Jewel of the Nile DVD boxset - £3.98 @ Amazon (and HMV)

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Found 22nd Aug 2010Made hot 22nd Aug 2010
Great sunday afternoon movies...

I've just ordered them on Blu-Ray for £7 odd each but they are US imports... Whilst looking I came across this.

Bargain for under £4 delivered


Heheh... I have to vote hot for having the bottle to post such a pair of stinkers!

These take me back to my youthful days when they first came out - saw them few months ago on sky and had forgotten how bad they were (good in their time though!). Have some heat for a good price

romancing the banana and nuts

great films!!

It was on E4 today @ 2.55pm…one

I guess it will be repeated with it been on E4. I like these films, i watched when i was younger, and always found them fun, esp the spider scene, very much like indy jones, not unless that WAS indy jones

She puts her hand through all the spiders, and i m sure thats indy jones though, anyway put me right?

This is a great price for 2 excellent films. Danny Devito is great in both of these. I would have bought, had I not found this today at a carboot for 50p!!

I have posted this using my O2 Joggler (Opera browser running on default os!!) see this if interested:…823

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